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In a recent interview with Abby News, Naya Da Costa, the director of The Marvels, addressed concerns that people have with Brie Larson. According to Naya, Brie is not allowed to be front-facing with any advertising or do any rounds of interviews for the film due to certain restrictions. However, Naya reassured that this is not a problem at the moment and Brie is doing what is required of her as an actor and writer. Naya further expressed her pride in Brie for fulfilling her duties in the film.

Since Brie Larson is not involved in the press tour, Naya, as the director, has to handle all the advertising herself. Naya acknowledged that Hollywood is evolving, and she understands and supports the stars who negotiate for a better future. She further added that she is making the best of the situation and doing what she can with the marketing.

Despite the disappointment of not having Brie Larson on the press tour, Naya believes that it might be a blessing in disguise. Brie Larson has faced misquotes and misrepresentations in the past, so not having her on the tour could prevent further negativity. Naya acknowledges that no matter what happens with the film, there will always be a certain amount of hate and toxicity online, particularly towards Brie Larson. However, she remains optimistic and looks forward to the release of the film in under two months.

Naya Da Costa, the director of The Marvels, has addressed the concerns that people have with Brie Larson. She has shown her support for Brie and acknowledged the restrictions on her involvement in the press tour. Naya has taken on the responsibility of handling the advertising herself and is making the best of the situation. She remains optimistic about the release of the film and hopes that it will be well-received.

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