A recent leak could indicate how Wanda will rejoin the MCU.

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Wanda’s fate in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was surprising (Elizabeth Olsen). The Scarlet Witch demolished the Darkhold throughout the multiverse after realising why she had turned evil. Though we never saw her body, the heroic deed appeared to have killed her. That suggested that Wanda’s demise would not be final and that the Scarlet Witch will eventually reappear. Even Kevin Feige of Marvel Studios hinted that the figure was still present.

However, there is no official word on when or where we will next see Wanda in the Multiverse Saga. The most likely scenario for the heroine to appear is in Secret Wars. WandaVision did, however, leave certain unresolved issues, which Marvel may address in subsequent MCU TV programmes like Agatha: Coven of Chaos and the anticipated Vision Quest.

One fresh report tells us exactly when and how Elizabeth Olsen could next appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as Wanda. Before we go, you should be aware that there may be significant spoilers.

Is the Scarlet Witch has died ?

We absolutely regard Wanda as a villain of the series, and one of the antagonists of WandaVision is Agatha (Kathryn Hahn). By the end, Wanda has locked Agatha’s thoughts away. That is one of the series’ cliffhangers, and Coven of Chaos should provide some resolutions. Particularly in light of Wanda’s apparent passing in Multiverse Saga.

We can only assume that Agatha will find a way to escape Wanda’s enchantment. It seems sense to assume that Agatha’s escape was caused by the destruction of the Darkhold. The following inquiry would be asked by anyone who was speculating about Wanda’s possible death. When the Scarlet Witch allegedly passed away, what happened to Agatha?

Whether Wanda is still alive or not, it is obvious that Marvel must find a means to release Agatha. The annihilation of the Darkhold offers a convincing explanation.

WandaVision’s unfinished business must also be brought up while discussing White Vision (Paul Bettany). That’s because White Vision or Agatha could both be readily linked to Wanda’s return to the MCU.

How Wanda may appear in the MCU again

This pulls up the most recent information regarding Agatha Coven of Chaos that was leaked, which describes Wanda’s MCU comeback. According to GreatPhase, a Marvel source, Marvel will utilise the next TV programme to bring Wanda back.

It appears that the TV programme is set immediately following the activities in Multiverse of Madness. Agatha’s psyche will also be freed by Wanda’s “death.” The residents of Westview will perceive Agatha as a hero based on the sounds of this Coven of Chaos plan leak. Additionally, with the use of this Disney Plus TV programme, Marvel may transform Agatha into a superhero. But it’s not as if we anticipate Marvel to produce a series about a real antagonist. According to the leaker, Wanda will unexpectedly reappear in the ninth episode of Coven of Chaos.

Despite the death teaser in Doctor Strange 2, we will discover that Wanda did not pass away. She was “depowered” instead. The coven will be defeated by Wanda and Agatha if the leak is true. We’re looking at a different Billy here, so I can’t speak to being Billy’s mother figure. According to reports, the performance features the “reincarnation of the mythological character of the Prophecy of Wiccan.” According to reports, Joe Locke will play the role, while Agatha will portray his mother.

The leaker also claims that Mephisto would appear at the climax and give Wanda the opportunity to reclaim her abilities. By the conclusion of the programme, Wanda shouldn’t have any abilities because she will side with Agatha and Billy rather than Mephisto.

Wiccan, Billy’s brother, does not appear in the show; thus, we will encounter the character somewhere. The leaker also asserts that Wanda will begin regaining her abilities in Vision Quest. She would realise that she had never truly lost them. Because of her pain and dread of being destroyed, they were suppressed. Vision Quest has not yet been revealed by Marvel.

Sadly, they are only leaks. Though some rumours claim the programme is delayed, Coven of Chaos should debut this winter. Then and only then can we be certain of Wanda’s return. Even so, the Disney Plus programme need to at least recognise Wanda’s passing and hint at her future comeback, even if the plot leak is untrue.

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