A role in the MCU is being considered for Sadie Sink.

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According to a recent update from the dependable industry insider Daniel Richtman, Sadie Sink is still being considered for the MCU, perhaps disproving arguments made against this story. Sadie Sink is allegedly joining the MCU in a very secret capacity, but there are no specifics as to which project she will be working on, according to a number of online sites.

Do you know whether she [SADIE SINK] up for an MCU role? was a commenter’s question in the comments area of a recent Richtman piece, to which Richtman replied, “She is.”

As the Marvel Comics character Songbird, who hasn’t been confirmed but is reported to be getting a live-action adaptation for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, some have hypothesised that she would be up for a part in the Thunderbolts film.

Given that the director of Deadpool 3 is Shawn Levy, who also produces the television series Stranger Things, in which Sink is best known for portraying Max Mayfield, there have also been rumours that Sink may be in the running for a part. The Marvel Studios cast and crew have not, however, made any public declarations or remarks as of yet. Sink presently has two future projects listed on her IMDB profile, neither of which are Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)-related, which may indicate that she has unannounced projects that are being kept under wraps until a formal announcement is made. Sadie Sink swiftly established herself as one of the most popular stars of 2022 when the fourth season of Stranger Things debuted on Netflix because to her outstanding moment in which her character Max battles Vecna, the show’s antagonist. As a result of her efforts, millions of admirers, both old and young, have listened to Kate Bush’s classic song Running Up That Hill on the internet countless times.

Overview No. 1: Who Is Songbird?

Songbird, actual name Melissa Gold, is a heroine who can use her voice chords as a weapon and has a tonne of brilliantly written source material from her stint in Marvel Comics. After burning off her voice chords and losing her skills, Songbird does in fact join the Thunderbolts team, which causes Baron Zemo to hire her and eventually give her a piece of technology that connects to her neck, allowing her to once again use her powers.

Songbird did begin her story arc as a supervillain, but she soon joins forces with Baron Zemo to aid him in carrying out his sinister intentions to rule the globe. Songbird finally decides to leave the villain’s life behind and joins the Avengers instead to support the battle against the real evil in the universe. Sadie Sink may be the next contender for the inevitable and future Young Avengers team-up, whenever that may be, if she does actually enter the MCU as Songbird.

Sadie Sink Might Participate in Deadpool 3

Sadie Sink, Hugh Jackman, and Ryan Renolds have all collaborated with Shawn Levy on a variety of projects over the course of their respective careers. Sink may be joining the MCU as an official mutant from Marvel Comics if Levy has cast her in Deadpool 3, which is quite plausible. Sadie Sink may join the MCU, however as was said before in this news piece, there has been no official confirmation as of yet.

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