According to a Marvel source, the Fantastic Four filmmaker wants faithful to the comics

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The release of Fantastic Four will be over two years away when Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania debuts in February. The cast for one of the most anticipated films of the Multiverse Saga, a reboot that Fantastic Four fans can’t wait to watch, is still unknown.

The actors Marvel is reportedly considering for the different Fantastic Four roles are, however, the subject of several speculations. Additionally, information regarding the antagonist and the movie’s true narrative has leaked. The most recent assertion is that Fantastic Four director Matt Shakman wants the film to stay faithful to the comics, according to a well-known Marvel source. Casting may be affected by it.

The Fantastic Four movie was scheduled to be directed by Jon Watts, but the Spider-Man filmmaker backed out of the project last spring. Marvel took a while to reveal that Matt Shakman will take Watts’ position. A few months after Marvel eventually disclosed the Fantastic Four release date, that occurred during D23 in September.

Shakman previously directed the popular WandaVision Disney Plus TV series while working with Marvel.

Marvel has already postponed many MCU films by mid-October, including Fantastic Four. At the time, we made the speculative claim that Marvel could want additional time to choose its Fantastic Four actors. Additionally, there were reports that Marvel wanted Shakman to be involved.

While everything was going on, we noticed a lot of intriguing names floating about as potential candidates for one of the four major MCU roles. It’s hardly surprise that Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman received the most of the attention in those reports. However, none of the stars who were reportedly on Marvel’s list provided any confirmation.

One of YouTuber Grace Randolph’s most recent videos addressed the most recent Fantastic Four speculations. She claimed to have heard that Matt Shakman “extremely insists” that the movie be true to the comics. Given that Marvel isn’t always comics-accurate with the MCU, that is undoubtedly an intriguing element for the movie.

The Marvel comics would have to be perfectly respected in order for the MCU narrative to work. Instead of doing that, Marvel has adapted the comics, preserving the main ideas of the stories but modifying the specific narrative to suit the requirements of the movie. But in some ways, Marvel has stayed true to the comics.

The Fantastic Four revival won’t stand alone as a film. The tale must have aspects that will connect it to the rest of the MCU because it is a component of the broader MCU.

But that’s just conjecture. What comic-accurate will entail for the Fantastic Four tale is uncertain.

Shakman reportedly wants to hire a Jewish actor in the Ben Grimm role, according to Randolph. This appears to support rumours that the filmmaker takes a hands-on approach to selecting his Fantastic Four.

The Marvel insider stated that “they’re still working on it” with regards to the cast. We’re coming close to pre-production now that Fantastic Four premieres on February 14th, 2025. It can’t be too soon to reveal the Fantastic Four cast.

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