According to Kevin Feige, Kang’s Quantumania introduced “A New Kind Of Big Bad”

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It took the united strength of the Avengers (plus associated pals), a time-traveling mission, multiple seismic heroic deaths, and a simple rat being in the right place at the right moment for Thanos, The Mad Titan, to be defeated in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Infinity Saga. He was the MCU’s biggest villain at the time of Infinity War and Endgame. However, a villain is on the way whose sharp intellect, evil intentions, and several other selves will make fighting the big purple guy seem easy as Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania starts Phase 5 and takes the Multiverse Saga to a new level.His name is Kang The Conqueror, and he seeks to rule over every aspect of existence in every reality. He doesn’t only live in one universe, after all. He is at war with every other version of himself as well as everyone else in the entire Multiverse. Blimey.

As you’re dealing with the Multiverse, he is the natural candidate, MCU president Kevin Feige tells Empire in the international Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania edition. “Kang let us to do a brand-new Big Bad. He is a peculiar kind of evil, fighting both with our heroes and his own kind. While Jonathan Majors’ character, Kang, is expected to pose a significant threat to the MCU in the future , Quantumania finds him imprisoned in the Quantum Realm, where he will soon cross paths with Scott Lang, Hope van Dyne, and the larger Ant-family.Feige jokes, “Kang is a tremendously strong individual, but when we meet him he is in a position where he needs to regain that power. If he can access the internet, he has a ship and a tool that will let him go whenever and anyplace he wishes. If only he had access to brilliant minds working with Pym particles. If only, in fact…

Majors, on the other hand, is merely beginning his continuous role as the multifaceted, multiversal danger. With many more iterations to come, he has already portrayed the largely good-natured version He Who Remains in the Loki season finale.After Peyton appeared, we had our conversation regarding the movie, he says Empire. He provided me with some examples, such as Alexander the Great. And it appears that Majors’ surprise portrayal of the solitary, unstable, and theatrical He Who Remains was only the beginning. He claims that “Kang offers tonal diversity, real tension, and real friction.” “The MCU is introducing a new vibration to you. There is conflict between “your way of life” and “my way of existence,” not merely between man against man or between hero and villain. I intend to take it. The fight is on here. Buckle up, everyone: Kang’s dynasty is about to begin.

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