According to reports, fellow Kang variant Victor Timely will appear in Loki Season 2.

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There are only 25 days left before the debut of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, in which we will see Kang the Conqueror in action. According to a recent rumour, we may get our next peek at a Kang version sooner rather than later. According to a fresh rumour from business insider Daniel Richtman, Loki from Marvel Studios’ second season may feature yet another iteration of Kang from the comics.

This new variation was compared to a prior innovator who want to purchase particular items in order to influence the present. Richtman replied that he wasn’t sure whether this version was Victor Timely in response to a comment inquiring if it was. Kang the Conqueror might have several different iterations in Loki Season 2, according to a fresh rumour that Daniel Richtman released less than a week ago. He had mentioned Jonathan Majors recently filming sequences as a Kang variation for the series a week before.

In Marvel Comics, Kang was defeated by the Avengers and then went back in time to the year 1901 to plot his modern-day conquest. In Wisconsin, he pretended to be Victor Timely and founded the town of Timely, which was a great idea! He helped establish factories and enterprises while serving as the town’s mayor. He also created town technology that eventually allowed the original Human Torch android to come to life and that was a crucial part of Mr. Fantastic and Misty Knight’s gear.

Kang acted as several generations of Victor Timely, much like Kingo in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (albeit he used robots to have varied faces), yet no one noticed. He also established Chronopolis, which might have a significant impact on Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania. Even if Victor Timely from the comics isn’t described in the same way, it’s crucial for us to realise that the variation may not be Victor Timely or may just be loosely influenced by him. The MCU virtually never faithfully recreates the comic book events, which lends credence to the rumour.

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