According to Samuel L. Jackson, Nick Fury was changed by Iron Man’s death

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has been known for its larger-than-life heroes, action-packed sequences, and jaw-dropping visuals. But the upcoming Disney+ series Secret Invasion looks like it is going to take the franchise in a different direction. According to Samuel L. Jackson, who plays Nick Fury in the MCU, his character is still reeling from the death of Iron Man/Tony Stark, which will have a significant impact on the series.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Jackson noted that when Secret Invasion begins, his character is still trying to process the death of his friend. “Even Nick Fury can be shaken,” he said. Fury has been off-world since Avengers: Endgame, ignoring the happenings of Earth, and trying to come to terms with his place in the world. The death of Iron Man and Black Widow has had a significant impact on him.

The absence of Fury’s signature eyepatch is also noteworthy, as it signifies his vulnerability. According to Jackson, the patch was a part of who the strong Nick Fury was, and the lack thereof is a part of his vulnerability now. The upcoming streaming series is going to take a deeper look at some characters that fans have come to know and love over the past fifteen years, diving into never-before-seen aspects of the character’s life.

Secret Invasion is being dubbed as the first “crossover event series” and is set to be the focus of a “spy/espionage” thriller on Disney+. It will take a different direction than any MCU Disney+ project to date, going bigger and darker than any other. The series will be more grounded, and according to Cobie Smulders, who plays Maria Hill in the MCU, “there’s nobody here who’s glossy and ready for action in a spandex one-piece.”

The series looks like it is going to be more introspective than anything from Marvel Studios to this point. The changed Nick Fury is an excellent example of that. Jackson’s Fury is a hero who has lost “his place in the world” after the loss of some close friends, and this mourning hero motif will be balanced with the intergalactic Skrull invasion at the center of the story.

The theme of paranoia is going to be amplified when it is revealed that shape-shifting Skrulls have been hiding on Earth, possibly embodying some of the few remaining people Fury thought he could trust. Despite how crazy it may sound, these two story elements actually could complement one another fairly well.

Secret Invasion is set to hit Disney+ on June 21, and fans are eagerly anticipating the series. It will be interesting to see how Marvel balances the mourning hero motif for Jackson’s Fury with the intergalactic Skrull invasion and how the changed Nick Fury will evolve over the course of the series. Marvel has always been known for taking risks, and Secret Invasion looks like it is going to be one of their boldest yet.

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