After Hulu’s cancellation of the Marvel series, Gabriel Luna is willing to reprise his role as Ghost Rider.

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Initially planned to appear in his own Marvel show as Ghost Rider in Hulu’s Ghost Rider series, Gabriel Luna is most known for his role of Robbie Reyes/Ghost Rider in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. The show was ultimately cancelled, though, as a result of corporate restructuring at Disney and Marvel Studios. After the show was cancelled, Luna appeared to distance himself from the Ghost Rider role and began concentrating on other projects, such as HBO’s The Last of Us and Terminator: Dark Fate. However, Luna revealed a shift in his perspective in a recent interview with Forbes, saying he would now be open to making a comeback as the Spirit of Vengeance.

In the interview, Luna said that his prior position had been to put the character on hold and focus on the success of Agents of SHIELD. He feared that resuming the position may present him with another chance to “screw it up.” He is now more receptive to the notion, though, if it makes logic and is supported by an engaging tale. Luna emphasized that if given the chance, he would be pleased to reprise the role and that he is still physically capable of playing the part.

Luna also provided some insight into the cancelled Ghost Rider television series’ backstage activities. He added that he had a roughly three-year deal because the show was still under development. Everything appeared to be moving forward—sets were being constructed, screenplays were being written—until he learned that the project had been put on hold. While acknowledging his appreciation for the time spent as Ghost Rider, Luna also said that he had no influence over the decision-making processes. Although he was aware of the character’s ardent following and their desire for the character to make a comeback, others in positions of authority above him ultimately control Ghost Rider’s fate.

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