Agatha’s Darkhold Diaries have a new synopsis.

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The first episode of Marvel Studios’ Agatha: Darkhold Diaries has an official summary available. On the registration record for Agatha on the U.S. Copyright Office Public Records System, the description for the next episode is listed as follows: “under the first episode, we see Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn) finally escape from a spell she has been imprisoned under. She is eager to resume her previous deadly behaviour but is unable to do so. Her only option is to go out on a dangerous mission to regain her abilities with the aid of one or two odd allies. Additionally, the record reveals that Ali Ahn’s character is called Alice and that Aubrey Plaza, Patti LuPone, and Sasheer Zamata would portray Rio Vidal, Lilia Calderu, and Jennifer Kale, respectively. In 2016, Alice Gulliver/The Wu, a female police investigator with supernatural talents, made her debut in Marvel Comics. It’s likely that Ahn is portraying a variation of that role, but until her last name is made public, this is just conjecture.

Joe Locke is recognised as part of the main cast but only given the title “Teen.” According to rumours, Locke will portray “a gay teen with a dark sense of humour.” Scoopers have nevertheless revealed that Locke’s unnamed persona is actually an older Billy Maximoff, who was initially featured in WandaVision and is the son of Wanda and Vision. Locke would be acting as “the familiar” to a coven of witches, according to LuPone, who revealed some information about her character and Agatha during an interview on the chat show The View in April 2023. In the Marvel Universe, familiars are subservient or servile to witches, vampires, and other supernatural creatures. Marvel Studios made significant modifications to its release schedule in September 2023, delaying the premiere of several much anticipated Disney+ shows, including Agatha. According to reports, the strikes that are still going on caused a change in the schedule for many Marvel Cinematic Universe programmes that were in the works. The confirmation that Marvel has once again retitled their Agatha series was included with the release news. Marvel changed the WandaVision spinoff’s original title, Agatha: House of Harkness, to Coven of Chaos in 2022 before settling on its present title, Darkhold Diaries. Although Marvel has not provided an explanation for the yearly title changes, some fans have hypothesised that they may be connected to the plot of the programme.

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