Agent Ross: A Skrull or not?

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In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Secret Invasion has already started, and it’s making both characters and viewers nervous. Skrulls may be anyone, and viewers often have no idea how long they’ve been one. Everett Ross has been a powerful ally in the MCU, particularly for the Wakandans, but after making a cameo in Secret Invasion, viewers have developed deep misgivings about him.

The first episode of Season 1, “Resurrection,” surprises viewers in several ways, including the assumed demise of Agent Ross. Agent Ross made his film debut as a minor enemy in Captain America: Civil War. However, he developed professional ties and even friendships with Wakandans. He supported them in their fights with Kilmonger and Namor. On the other hand, the Skrulls have remained rather quiet ever since Captain Marvel brought them to Earth in the 1990s. It appears that a small faction is now acting much more aggressively and attempting to seize control of what they believe is rightly theirs. Furthermore, Agent Ross could contribute to the issue.

Everett Ross from Secret Invasion is quickly identified as a Skrull when Maria Hill and Talos pursue him. Instead of disclosing the details of Gravik, he sacrifices his life for his purpose. What what needs to be known is how long Agent Ross has been a Skrull. Ross actively sought to remove assets from the battlefield in Captain America: Civil War. The Sokovia Accords, which would have greatly curtailed the Avengers’ authority, were strictly implemented by him. If the Avengers’ hands were bound, it would be much simpler for the Skrulls to work on their plans. Then he conveniently starts to be linked to Wakanda, one of the world’s most powerful countries. He acquired access to Wakandans’ wealth of technology through their alliance, all of which the Skrulls would find helpful in achieving their objectives. There is also Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, Ross’ ex-wife. She is the CIA director and a very influential figure in politics. It’s possible that the Skrulls first introduced their version of Ross in order to become close to Val as she advanced through the CIA levels. Even their divorce may have been compelled by this changeover between the Skrull Ross and the actual Ross. Ross is a vital tool for the Skrulls because of his high-level connections with the US administration, superheroes, and Wakanda.

Gravik has made it quite obvious that his goal is to harm as many people as he can. Secret Invasion reveals that Gravik’s invasion of the globe didn’t start until Fury vanished after the Blip. But it’s probable that the Blip served as the impetus for a strategy that had been in the works for a while. It takes years to arrange an invasion; they don’t happen quickly. Ross’s identification as the Skrull will cause the US government to reevaluate their perception of reality. This may make Gravik’s ideas more difficult to implement. Since it has been established that the Skrulls maintain the bodies of all the humans they mimic in some type of suspended animation, it also implies that the actual Agent Ross may make an appearance. Everett Ross’s potential return might provide important information about the Skrulls and how they operate. The MCU is already being turned on its head by Secret Invasion, and everyone’s preconceived notions are being challenged. Everett Ross being revealed as a Skrull right away establishes the tone for the remainder of the series. Although it’s unclear how long he’s been a Skrull, it would make sense if he had been one from his very first MCU appearance. He was the ideal assassin for them, giving them unrestricted access to various superpowers throughout the world.

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