Anthony Mackie praises Captain America 4’s ass: “Looking tasty!”

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Anthony Mackie, who plays Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, recently revealed a favourable costume detail for his character, remarking that his ass looked “beautiful” in the red, white, and blue. Sam Wilson, played by Mackie in Marvel Studios, is preparing to put on his costume for Captain America: New World Order, which will be his largest part in the franchise to date. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+ gave fans a taste of Mackie’s portrayal of Cap, but Captain America 4 marks the actor’s big-screen debut as Cap. Filming for the impending sequel is scheduled to start in “March,” and according to Mackie himself, everything is “being squared up and ready to go.”

Anthony Mackie, who plays Captain America, says he likes how he looks in his new Captain America outfit.

For Captain America: New World Order, Mackie stated during an interview with Josh Horowitz on the podcast The Happy Sad Confused that he has “had about four costume fittings,” that “the round brown” looks wonderful in the spandex:

“I’ve had about four costume fittings, and the round brown looks delectable in the spandex, baby. That’s all I have to say. That is all I have to say, Horowitz. The round brown will make you as happy as peanut butter and jelly on a summer day, baby. You comprehend what I’m referring to? Mm, mm, mm, yep.

Horowitz then inquired as to whether the actor had requested that Marvel make the outfit “tighter,” to which Mackie responded, “No, no,” while indicating that there will be some “straight solo shots” in which “it’s going to be down here:”

Horowitz: “You’re just asking for it to get tighter? A little less?”

Mackie: “No, no, I’m talking about straight solo shots. It will be down here as I run past the camera. Do you understand what I’m saying?

The MCU actor bemoaned that “This time, it’s not about diameter” after being compared to the Bat-nipples from the Joel Schumacher Batman flicks. It concerns radius:

Horowitz: “Yeah, it’s like the whole Batman nipple thing all over again, but now it’s- yeah.”

Mackie: That’s it. This time, the topic is unrelated to diameter. It has to do with radius.

On a more sombre note, the 44-year-old discussed if Isaiah Bradley, who made his acting debut in The Falcon and the Winder Soldier, would be a part of the New World Order. “He doesn’t know if they’re going to bring him back,” Mackie added.

“Dude, I have no idea. I’ve never seen a script. It was kind of a finite end with him getting the statue in the museum, so I don’t know if the Isaiah storyline was concluded with “Falcon and Winter Soldier.” So I’m not sure if they’ll bring him back. I’m not sure… All I have to say about Cap is this.

Although Anthony Mackie’s Star-Spangled Man’s outfit for the upcoming Captain America: New World Order hasn’t been officially revealed, this “wonderful” statement seems to follow the Captain America costume tradition. If He has it, why not show it off? Marvel Studios created an entire humorous beat around Chris Evans’ spandex-clad posterior in Avengers: Endgame. This is not the first time Mackie has referred to the MCU in an ass-related manner. The actor declared that Marvel Studios “own[s] [his] ass” and will star in any franchise picture if requested to do so in September 2022. Maybe I should have taken this statement a bit more seriously. Marvel Studios has a lengthy history of mentioning and discussing NFSW costuming. Remember the recent Namor bulge dispute from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever starring Tenoch Huerta? Or how about the anatomically accurate Vision pitch from a few years ago by Joss Whedon? At least Mackie seemed to be enjoying himself. He takes great pride in his super-strong butt. One can only hope he lives up to the moniker “America’s Ass 2.0.”

On May 3, 2024, Captain America: New World Order premieres in cinemas.

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