Avengers: Quantum Encounter, Ant Man is gone Crazy! Official Full…

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Hey Marvel fans , You all are very intelligent fans and give such types of interesting ideas to Marvel. But, Marvel doesn’t take it easily in a positive way. They always try to add some drama in movies , & also if they aren’t able to explain complex scientific theories , they tell us its nano tech. Well that is not their responsibility to teach us about scientific tech theories in a superhero movie. But, then also if they do so it will be very interesting for the fans.

Well in this scene, Ant man is telling why he is not killed thanos by shrinking and getting inside him and then exploding him from inside. And then he says that it was not technically possible.

Well we leave this thing upon Marvel. But, one thing is sure that the  Avengers : Quantum Encounter is very interesting. Let’s be prepared for a new Avenger movie.

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