Black Panther: Trevor Noah Hints He Could Return in Wakanda Forever

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Talk show host and comedian Trevor Noah hints he could reprise his voice role in Marvel Studios’ upcoming Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Talk show host and comedian Trevor Noah has technically been included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as he recently reminded audiences. He also responded to questions concerning whether or not he will return in Marvel Studios’ upcoming Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Speaking to Jimmy Fallon, Noah discussed his vocal performance as Griot, the AI created by Shuri who aided Agent Everett Ross during the film’s final climactic battle. When asked if he would return as what he described as “African Siri,” Noah stated, “I’m just saying you should watch it.”

The actor was initially uncredited when Black Panther premiered in theaters back in 2018, though his name was later added when the film was released on home media. Griot has thus far only appeared in the original film and appeared to be the central AI assisting Shuri and her projects, in a similar way as Jarvis once did for Tony Stark. Although Noah’s involvement is currently uncertain, Griot’s creator, Shuri, is set to play a larger role in Wakanda Forever, with marketing and reports heavily implying she will inherit the mantle of Black Panther. However, this has not yet been officially confirmed by Marvel Studios and even trailers and clips have not directly attached Shuri to the Black Panther suit.

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