Concept art from Across the Spider-Verse shows scrapped Peni Parker designs

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Kris Anka, the costume designer for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse character Peni Parker, offered some previously unseen designs for the returning wall-crawler. Fans may see character designs for both Peni and Sp//dr in a post on Anka’s Twitter account. Peni’s designs have her wearing both regular clothing that match her comic-book attire and anime-style bodysuits, the latter of which appears to be inspired by Spider-Man’s Iron Spider costume from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “Spent a little time on [Peni], pitched an idea for her to have a plug suit, but mostly worked on the new mech,” Anka said in a tweet. “I just tried my hand at adapting the design from [Jake Wyatt’s] comic, and no one said no.”

Anka has already disclosed that he utilised Pedro Pascal as a model for Web-Slinger, so Peni’s unused looks aren’t the only piece of knowledge he’s released about Across the Spider-Verse. Furthermore, concept art by production designer Aymeric Kevin depicted a cosmos influenced by Jack Kirby, with Kevin saying that the images were pitches. Putting the spotlight on the film, writers and producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller discussed how their approach to animation set Across the Spider-Verse apart from other animated films. “Across the Spider-Verse provided an opportunity to demonstrate the limitless potential of animation in a studio film.” For far too long, studios mandated that these films all look the same. “We wanted to blow the doors open on that,” Miller explained.

However, it appears like the next sequel, Beyond the Spider-Verse, will miss its March 2024 release date, according to one of the animators. “They’ve announced that Beyond the Spider-Verse will be released in March of next year,” the animator — who went by the nickname ‘Stephen’ — said. “I’ve heard people say things like, ‘Oh, they probably worked on it at the same time.'” That film will not be released at that time. There has been development in the pre-production phase. But, in terms of production, the only progress made on the third one is any research or testing done before the film was split into two parts.” Having said that, Miller and Lord have stated that they are prepared to postpone Beyond the Spider-Verse if necessary, with Lord saying, “I would say that just like we’re going to take the time necessary to make Beyond the Spider-Verse great.”

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