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The role Aubrey Plaza will play in her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut on the upcoming series has been officially confirmed by Marvel ahead of Agatha: Darkhold Diaries’ imminent launch. Rio Vidal will be played by Plaza according to an official U.S. copyright filing submitted by Marvel Studios. In Darkhold Diaries, the Parks & Recreation actress will make her debut as the main character, confirming previous rumours about who she would play in the much-anticipated WandaVision spinoff. Rio, Plaza’s character, is unique because she isn’t a Marvel Comics character. Rio is described as a member of Agatha Harkness’ coven and is said to be a comic book character named Emerald Warlock Dian, who has roots in Irish folklore, from the Green Witch legends. The magical spectrum provided by Agatha and Wanda Maximoff will be further expanded by Rio, who has been hailed as a fearsome foe. In Darkhold Diaries, Joe Locke portrays Billy Kaplan, the supernatural being, and Plaza will co-star with her as the eponymous witch.

A revised description for Darkhold Diaries was released at the same time as Plaza’s involvement in the MCU was confirmed. The WandaVision spinoff’s first episode will have Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn) finally escaping from a spell she has been imprisoned under. She is eager to resume her previous deadly behaviour but is unable to do so. Her only option is to go out on a dangerous mission to regain her abilities with the aid of one or two odd allies. Before agreeing on the new name, Darkhold Diaries was known as Coven of Chaos and Agatha: House of Harkness; no explanation for the name change was provided. While Darkhold Diaries will be Plaza’s first appearance in the MCU, she has previously sought to land a role in a superhero-related production, having tried out for Deadpool 2 but been rejected. Plaza failed on two Marvel X-Men projects that she was originally connected to. Her most recent television performance was when she and Michael Cera voiced Julie Powers in the forthcoming animated series Scott Pilgrim Takes Off. After been delayed in favour of a number of other Marvel programmes in recent months, viewers will have to wait a bit to see Plaza and company in Darkhold Diaries. Darkhold Diaries’ “approximate” premiere date was disclosed in the same copyright listing, however its initial release date was late 2023. Darkhold Diaries, a Jac Schaeffer production, finished filming in May after starting main photography in January.

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