Discussing writing rates and the WGA’s fight for fairness with Marvel TV writer J. Holtham in the behind-the-scenes segment

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J. Holtham, a TV and comic book writer, has contributed to some of the largest sci-fi and superhero franchises now airing, including The Handmaid’s Tale, Jessica Jones, and Supergirl. Along with Sam Wilson for Marvel’s Voices, he also wrote Miles Morales for the Spider-Verse Infinity Comic. is now on the strike with the other writers’ guild members. The strike started about how he got into screenwriting, his work on the Marvel TV series Cloak & Dagger and Jessica Jones, as well as some of the concerns that writers are striking about.

The way in which senior writers are treated when they are asked to manage programmers is one of the significant problems brought up by the Writers Guild strike. Holtham clarifies the problematic pay system, which pays these authors a significant sum per script but eventually leads to declining revenue. The shorter writers’ room and the heavier burden placed on showrunners further diminish the value of writers’ contributions and lower the level of television production. The strike attempts to allay these worries and demand that writers receive equitable treatment and payment.

A moment when companies like Warner Bros. and Netflix substantially rely on new material for their existence is when the strike is taking place. While some large businesses, like Apple and Amazon, whose primary business is not television, may not be greatly impacted, the industry is under increasing pressure to provide new content. The authors Guild’s requests are valid and emphasize the crucial part that authors play in developing the compelling content that engages people. On the picket line, J. Holtham and his fellow authors send.

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