Disney+ is preparing a Marvel surprise.

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A new TV show for Disney + is being created by Marvel Studios. a venture that would surprise every fan.

There would be a shocking Marvel Studios announcement on Disney+. Strange Academy (Strange Academy) could be adapted and made into a new series for the UCM, according to a rumour from Tales from the Mod Queue on Reddit. The film studio is putting the finishing touches on a series based on the Strange Academy comics, according to the “trusted sources” of the mod team.

According to rumours, Wong (Benedict Wong), América Chávez (Xóchitl Gomez), and other characters will be featured in the series, which is expected to debut on Disney+ like all other Marvel Studios television shows to date. Additionally, Zelma Stanton, who will reportedly make her Ironheart debut in the upcoming season, could make an appearance in this new story. All of this is rumours, obviously.

Tales From The Mod Queue: Vision Quest, Strange Academy & More!

Welcome back to a very special edition of our Tales from the Mod Queue! Today we got a lot of exciting info to share with you. All the details on this post come directly from our trusted sources, so you better be ready. Let’s jump right in!

Red Hulk

– A source has informed us that Marvel has made concept art showing Harrison Ford’s Red Hulk dressed in attire similar to Bruce Banner’s Joe Fixit alter seen in the pages of The Incredible Hulk. We do not know what project this concept art was created for, nor if it means that Red Hulk will become Joe Fixit or simply dress like him as an easter egg, but the concept art is said to be meant for a film.

World War Hulk

– World War Hulk is moving forward as a movie.

– Liv Tyler is in talks to return as Betty Ross.


– Songbird will be in Thunderbolts (Sadie Sink being looked at for the role).

Vision Quest

– Vision Quest will introduce Viv, Vision’s daughter.

– The show will set up the Young Avengers.


– Nova is a movie.

– The source believes Nova is a “passing of the torch.”

Wong Series (Inspired by Strange Academy)

– A Wong-centric show that includes America Chavez.

– Zelma Stanton, who debuts in Ironheart, should be in the show.


– Mephisto scenes were shot under “Agatha: Coven of Chaos” in December for Ironheart.

Captain America: New World Order

– The Department of Damage Control reportedly has a presence in Captain America: New World Order.

MCU Future

– Midnight Sons is a movie.

– The Serpent Society will show up in a future project.

– Ms. Marvel season 2 and Moon Knight season 2 will both premiere before Avengers: Secret Wars.

MCU Schedule Changes

– Marvel Studios has made major shifts on their schedule.

– What If Season 2 releases in 2024.

– Echo releases early 2024.

– Agatha: Coven of Chaos will release after Daredevil: Born Again, likely in 2025.

The series would center on a training facility for novice magic users in the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe if the plot of the comic book with the same name were to be adapted. Very resembling the lessons taught at Kamar-Taj in the Doctor Strange series up to this point. In contrast to the comic, the potential Disney+ series appears to center on Wong rather than Doctor Strange. Which is completely understandable given that the latter is the Sorcerer Supreme that we are aware of.

America Chavez was just starting her mystic arts training when fans last saw her in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The young Marvel Studios heroine’s next step appears to be enrolling at Stranger Academy. In the upcoming Disney+ series, she will need to learn magic along with other young magic users. I think she looks good.

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