Fans review Moon Knight Episode 6 (Some spoilers)

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Oneiropolos wrote :

Random thoughts I made note of but I’m still kinda just in shock:

  • Harrow’s sincerity was really interesting. He really seemed to believe in Ammit. Not just as someone he could use but -really believe-. His whole advocacy for her to pick someone else because their hearts were balanced felt real. He was genuinely willing to die if he hadn’t achieved penance.
  • “You are the only real superpower I ever had” broke my heart and gave me warm fuzzies.
  • Tawaret is awesome. AWESOME.
  • The gods are super bad about keeping their avatars alive
  • So Tawaret took Layla’s father to the field of reeds so it hasn’t been THAT long since souls were there… maybe she’s just really forgetful and that’s all that line meant last episode
  • Layla’s outfit as Tawaret’s avatar is AMAZING.
  • Egyptian superhero!
  • …and Jake, the reason why the field of reeds had the song in Spanish, it seems. I wondered about but wondered if it was just a nod to the actor’s own background. But guess not.

Holy crap. I mean, I’d say they stuck that landing. I still really want a season 2 though. Yet this is, indeed, an ending.

But does Layla remain Tawaret’s avatar? Because she kicked ass as it and I really want to see more of her. And does it mean that Marc and Layla are back together, just with the addition of Steven? Was the whole apartment scene just in their head, maybe with Jake somehow locking them away while he did as Khonshu wanted because otherwise how do we explain the two goldfish? This whole unreliable narrator thing is messing with my head, but in a good way.

AppleFanaticGaming wrote:
Honestly, I thought that was really solid. Fast paced for sure, but it wrapped up everything pretty nicely and left some stuff ambiguous too. Layla being Tawaret’s avatar was the highlight for me honestly, she was badass! CGI and action was all top notch too – loved Ammit’s design especially. The “black out” moment combined with that post credit scene was a great reveal and a clear indicator that they aren’t done. Really great show overall, this stuck the landing for me.

Luckman1002 wrote:
Overall pretty damn good. Felt maybe a tiny bit rushed with Ammit being defeated as quickly as she did but I wasn’t unsatisfied. Layla becoming an avatar was dope asf and it’s cool finally seeing Jake. I was thinking “how is season 2 gonna happen if Khonsu lets them go?” Good lil twist. No huge complaints. Probably the best series besides maybe Loki.

EdvardHaberdash wrote:
It was definitely a bit too fast paced and did have the usual big battle (Mr. Knight’s action sequence was brilliant though) as expected but it did wrap things up pretty well. I don’t rank it as highly as I did the Loki finale but it worked for me much better than the other ones (like Hawkeye or FATWS).

The scenes after the big battle and the post credits scene were great though.

Guardian_Of_Light2 wrote:
Yeah, episode could have been longer for sure. Was a bit dissappinted Jake was used to defeat Harrow, but damn it was nice seeing Marc and Steven stand up to Konshu. And going back to the hospital and waking up back at the Flat was quite the mindfuck. Post credits was a bit of a plot twist too, but seems to leave things open for a season 2?

Colton826 wrote:

I know a common complaint about this finale is going to be that it felt rushed (I agreed with that complaint for WandaVision, Hawkeye & Falcon), but for some reason…I loved this finale.

I loved the giant Egyptian Gods fighting. I loved that Marc & Steven are finally on the same page & the switches they make in combat & during their conversation with Harrow at the end. I loved Layla becoming a superhero (although I can see a certain crowd of people not liking it). And I LOVED the Jake Lockley post-credits reveal. The only real complaint I have is the pace of the episode, but I think everything wrapped up nicely, while they also kept things vague enough for audiences to question what was real, AND setting up a potential season 2 while they were at it.

I’d give the finale an 8/10, but I’ll give the series overall an 8.5/10. I think this might’ve surpassed Loki as my favorite Disney+ MCU series so far (although I did enjoy Loki’s finale a bit more)

Right now, my ranking is:

  1. Moon Knight (8.5/10)
  2. Loki (8.5/10)
  3. Hawkeye (7/10)
  4. Falcon & the Winter Soldier (7/10)
  5. WandaVision (7/10)
  6. What If…? (6/10)

So What are your thoughts on the last episode of Disney Plus Marvel Studios series Moon Knight? Please do share below in comments section.

Moon Knight follows Steven Grant, a mild-mannered gift-shop employee, who becomes plagued with blackouts and memories of another life. Steven discovers he has dissociative identity disorder and shares a body with mercenary Marc Spector. As Steven/Marc’s enemies converge upon them, they must navigate their complex identities while thrust into a deadly mystery among the powerful gods of Egypt.
Director Mohamed Diab
Release Date March 30, 2022
Cast Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke and May Calamawy

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