First Look at the Touching Deleted Scene from Black Panther 2 Starring T’Challa’s Son

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Marvel Studios has provided a fresh look at an emotional sequence that was cut from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. One of Wakanda Forever’s major twists was hinted at in the post-credits stinger, which saw Shuri meeting Toussaint, T’Challa’s son. Off-screen, Nakia and T’Challa had a kid without the audience’s knowledge. He grew reared in Haiti with his mother as opposed to Wakanda so that he might be raised far from the throne. And the only thing the fans eventually saw in the MCU movie was this poignant sequence with Shuri.

An Emotional Deleted Scene in Detail

Fans now got their first peek at a touching sequence starring Divine Love Konadu-Toussaint, Suin’s also known as T’Challa’s kid, thanks to the publication of Assembled: The Making of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Writing for Wakanda Forever, Joe Robert Cole disclosed in a recent Rolling Stone interview that there was originally a sequence in which Queen Ramonda, played by Angela Basset, meets paths with young T’Challa.

When Ramona travels to Haiti, Cole mentioned that they experimented with introducing Toussaint earlier in the movie:

“There was a time when we discussed the possibility of having him revealed when Ramonda [Angela Bassett] visits Haiti. As a result, we decided on what, in my opinion, is the best version of him being in the movie.”

These photos, along with the behind-the-scenes look below, show Ramonda travelling to Haiti to meet Nakia, where it’s likely that she’ll be as shocked by Toussaint’s presence as Shuri was at the movie’s conclusion.

It would have been an affecting sequence if it had been preserved, especially in light of Basset’s stellar performance throughout the remainder of the movie.

Even if having that sequence with Queen Ramonda could have been fantastic, given the context of Wakanda Forever’s final edit, it would have felt quite out of place, both in terms of tempo and in regard to the storyline that was now developing. Multiple factors made the conclusion considerably more successful.

There was nothing else to worry about and no timer to worry about, so the emotional moment was allowed the opportunity to shine. On the sand by themselves, Shuri, Nakia, and little T’Challa. Thematically, it also arrived just when Shuri, played by Letitia Wright, needed it to start processing and grieving in a healthy way. The woman was in a much better frame of mind when she saw her nephew as a result.

Disney+ now has Black Panther: Wakanda Forever available for streaming.

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