For Loki Season 2, a significant Kang variant will return.

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In the second season of the programme, one of Loki’s most significant characters is apparently returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He Who Remains, a Kang variation, is rumoured to make an appearance in Loki Season 2. Jonathan Majors will once again portray the part, but specifics beyond that are few. The character’s scenes will take place in the Citadel at the End of Time and the Void, according to the site’s insiders, who also revealed that they won’t be based on recycled material or flashbacks. In the Loki Season 1 conclusion, He Who Remains was fatally wounded after Sylvie stabs him to end her quest for vengeance. He Who Remains, the most benevolent Kang version, made it his mission to uphold and defend the Sacred Timeline by eradicating universe-altering individuals and events. It is revealed that he overcame his own variations who sought to rule the multiverse in an eons-long conflict. He Who Remains managed to defeat and jail them, seeing the threat they posed, and established the Time Variance Authority to keep an eye on and enforce the regular flow of time.

He Who Remains may have noble intentions, but he is not fooled into thinking he is Loki’s champion. The Kang variation, according to author Michael Waldron, is acutely aware that its deeds are abhorrent but sees them as necessary means to an end. “I believe that, like Loki at the top of the show, He Who Remains is self-aware enough to know that he’s done terrible things, that pruning people and sending them to the Void to be devoured by Alioth is not—he’s not a hero for that,” said Waldron. “Loki would have said, ‘Well, but I would be such a good king; it would be better for the people,’ but he thinks, ‘Well, but this is for the greater good,’ exactly like he does. If they had only let me be in charge, I could have made things simple for them. There are other Kang variations that will debut in Loki Season 2 besides He Who Remains. Victor Timely will also appear, according to the show’s teaser and the post-credits sequence of Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania. At the time of writing, it is unclear how the scientist and inventor from the early 1900s would contribute to the story.

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