Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 first reaction of the movie

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Guys what’s up,  I just got out of Guardians Of The Galaxy volume three. Up front it’s a long movie. It’s about two and a half hours long. But, all that great stuff that you love about Guardians of the Galaxy, the James Gunn ,the Eccentric characters, the great quippy dialogue, the eccentricities of all these not just the characters but the places. There’s a space station I would call a meat space station uh that’s the best way to put it. Everything’s like living and when you touch it it’s sticky and all that stuff. So if this movie is full of James Gunn and um it might require a couple of viewings there’s some greatness in this movie there’s some awesome action  sequences very unique action sequences of course great music you’re gonna get that in these Guardians movies. I even say this might be my favorite in terms of the music uh they had some nice little surprising touches in there. I’ll even say a faith in the more songs that you will not expect is in this movie which is cool. But it is long, it’s a lot to process, it does have the ending, think about how they have like you know in The Lord of the Rings Return of the King, how it feels like there’s like a 20 minute ending same type deal here. But overall I would say I did enjoy it quite a bit okay I do need to let it process though but it’s very unique okay so it’s definitely got that going for it. So hmm thank you. 

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