Guardians of the Galaxy 3 full movie story leaked

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The movie Guardians of the Galaxy vol 3 will be released on the 5th may 2023. 

Before you continue reading this article we want to inform you about the Spoiler Alert.

In this movie James Gunn created an awesome story. In this movie we will see the best friendship between Rocket and Groot  and among all the other members of the group.  And also will see some love between Gamora and Star-Lord. And will see some comedy between Mantis and Drax. At the beginning of the movie we will see all the Guardians together, then the story begins. Rocket got kidnapped by that Golden lady and the main villain High Evolutionary. 

Then all the Guardians go there and fight with the High Evolutionary in which Drax dies and all the members break into tears. After that we have seen a very high energy flow into Groot’s body and it transfers to all the team members and in unity they kill the High Evolutionary and save Rocket. This way the movie ends. 

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