‘Heavy’ CGI in Ant-Man and the Wasp is addressed by Quantumania’s designer

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One of the minds behind the MCU epic, Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, explained how the CGI and visual effects on the movie were created as the release date of February 17 draws near. Ant-Man 3’s journey into the Quantum Realm forced the MCU threequel to depend heavily on computer-generated aspects, which has drawn criticism from fans.

Following the release of the most recent Quantumania teaser, Twitter was soon inundated with criticisms over the film’s appearance. These complaints varied from generalisations like “it looks terrible” to more specific criticisms like “the performers appear out of place with strange lighting on bright backdrops.” Despite this, Marvel Studios hasn’t held back when discussing the visual effects work that went into the impending threequel.

A Closer Look at the CGI in Ant-Man

Will Htay, the production designer for Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, opened insights on the use of CGI in the next movie. Htay stated that although the Quantumania team did not want the Quantum Realm’s setting to “look excessively CG-heavy,” they eventually realised “[they’d have to use] on VFX and CGI:”

“When director Peyton Reed first approached me, we discussed how the Quantum Realm would be this vast epic, a world within worlds. He wanted it to feel enormous. The only things we didn’t want it to be were macro photography and overly CG-dependent. despite the fact that we knew we would ultimately need to use CGI and VFX.

Despite this, the objective was to “attempt to make everything as genuine and tangible as possible.” However, we sought to make it as genuine and palpable as we could in various settings. We want it to seem like this genuine location that is hidden beneath the Multiverse when we travel down there with our protagonist and can sense it, touch it, and smell it.

Director Peyton Reed and the rest of the creative team had to create a whole new universe and all the features that make it distinct for the impending blockbuster, according to Stephen Broussard, VP of Production & Development at Marvel Studios:

“We’ve asked ourselves, ‘What’s the Quantum Realm version of this?’ from every angle. What does the alien look like in the Quantum Realm? What is the state of technology down here? What does the culture, politics, and society down here look like?

Evangeline Lilly, who plays the Wasp, previewed this mostly CGI universe in the same interview, joking about “vicious suns that can devour you” and “water trickling upward instead of downward:”

“Dangerous suns that can devour you, mutable blobs, broccolis that can engage in combat, and structures that are a part of the freedom fighter brigade. When you scan the landscape, you [do not] see anything you would anticipate seeing on Earth. Water drips upward rather than downward due to differences in how gravity works, and clouds move in a way that has nothing to do with reality.

The entire undertaking was described by Lilly as “as goofy and joyful as it will be sweeping and majestic and beautiful:”

It will be as silly and enjoyable as it will be grand, epic, and stunning. It’s going to be very graceful and elegant.

Quantumania needs to identify a totally new universe while telling an intriguing tale with its titular hero, when previous MCU projects have had the privilege of being set mostly on Earth. Even though it’s a difficult chore, Marvel is accustomed to it. The titan of Hollywood has done this several times, building distinctive and VFX-heavy realms like Asgard, Wakanda, or the universe as a whole. Yes, part of the criticism about CGI may be well-founded. Since information about the challenges VFX houses had while working on an MCU film surfaced, Marvel Studios has come under scrutiny. Therefore, the audience is scrutinising every frame of these Marvel Studios projects today more than ever before. Marvel appears to be deliberately attempting to solve a visual effects issue that has little to do with what ends up on screen. The Quantum Realm’s visual quality will be left to the discretion of the audience, but it is important to remember the battle taking on behind the scenes between Marvel and the effects teams they so heavily rely upon.

On February 17, the movie Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania will be released.

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