How the timeline of Secret Invasion may make room for The Marvels

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s slow-burning drama of Secret Invasion has started. Even if the programme so far has nothing in common with its comic book equivalent, it has nevertheless had some major shocks. However, the new series has fans wondering where this installment fits in the immensely lengthy MCU timeline once more. The vast cinematic world and its convoluted history are expanded with each new MCU installment. Fans are anticipating Phase 5 to feel more connected than Phase 4 did when it gets started. The Skrulls, who were first seen in Captain Marvel, attempt to conquer Earth in Secret Invasion. A Skrull army led by Gravik, who feels personally betrayed and abandoned by Nick Fury, seeks to wage war on mankind. He gathers a sizable number of Skrulls who have been progressively gaining access to powerful individuals and high-ranking government officials. It is unknown how much of an influence Secret Invasion will have after its own television series; nevertheless, it is possible that the show may serve as a springboard for The Marvels, in which Nick Fury and Carol Danvers will link up to battle the Kree. The MCU of the present-day takes place during Secret Invasion. It follows initiatives like She-Hulk and Ant-Man: Quantumania. The modern MCU, however, really takes place in 2025, not 2023, as in the real world, which is peculiar. This is brought on by a number of time leaps, most notably the Blip, which has sent the MCU chronology into the “future.” It’s feasible that Skrulls and their invasion may have more of an impact on other programmes and films in the future.

Since the beginning of the Infinity Saga, the MCU timeline has become less significant. Continuity seems to be the key in Phases 1-3. It was crucial to understand which films went where in the timeline since they were all intricately layered and interrelated. The significance of this decreases as the MCU grows. Phase 4 demonstrates how the timeframe has loosened and become less important. Because it appears that Marvel doesn’t give the timeline as much attention, fans are less fixated on it. The timeframe won’t really matter if Secret Invasion doesn’t influence subsequent endeavours.

Given that Nick Fury’s character growth in the Post-Thanos MCU is the main emphasis of Secret Invasion, it’s probable that the changes he experiences will have the biggest long-term effects. There will be a Fury in The Marvels, most likely one who has previously repelled the invasion. At the start of Secret Invasion, Fury is a damaged man who neglects his responsibilities out of fear for what the world has become since the Blip. As a result, the invasion occurs. The Fury that is seen in the The Marvels clip already exudes a lot more confidence. It’s likely that he rediscovers himself during the events of Secret Invasion, enabling him to join The Marvels as a better version of himself. Phase 5 of the MCU, which includes Secret Wars and the Kang Dynasty, is beginning with Secret Invasion. The MCU’s present-day setting enables the series to possibly have a greater effect on a wider range of initiatives. Fury’s personal journey in Secret Invasion will aid in establishing his character arc in the impending film The Marvels.

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