Is Quicksilver coming to MCU?

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The Independent spoke with WandaVision star Elizabeth Olsen about some of the fan theories that circulated online throughout the show’s run on Disney+.

Calling those theories “very clever,” Olsen admitted that there were a few of them that she wishes Marvel could have actually used in the series itself:

“I love fan theories ’cause I always think they’re very clever. There are usually ones where I’m like, ’S***, we should have done that!’”

“There was one where they thought we were bringing in the Multiverse with the Pietro character, with Evan [Peters]. The sad thing is, when we were doing WandaVision before Covid, that was not part of the docket yet, and then it kind of overlapped when we finished the show. So we could have actually gone back and fixed or adjusted that. I thought that could have been cool to make Pietro a part of the Multiverse.”

When Evan Peters’ Pietro Maximoff/Ralph Bohner first arrived, fans were convinced that the Multiverse had officially made its mark on the MCU, particularly with Peters’ appearing in the ’80s-styled fifth episode of WandaVision. In the end, Peters’ Pietro Maximoff was revealed to be Ralph Bohner, who was part of a series-long ploy from Kathryn Hahn’s Agatha Harkness to get inside Wanda’s head and figure out how she created the Westview Hex reality.

Considering how big of a role fake Pietro played in the back half of WandaVision, it makes a lot of sense that Olsen wanted to see him be connected to the larger Multiverse ahead of her co-leading role in the Multiversal Doctor Strange sequel. Thankfully, she still got plenty of huge moments as the series came to an end, going spell-for-spell with Agatha and fully realizing her true identity as the Scarlet Witch.

Even though the Multiversal Pietro fan theory didn’t fully come into play, Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff will see the true effects of alternate realities in bigger ways than ever thanks to Doctor Strange 2. Already confirmed to bring Patrick Stewart’s Professor X and Hayley Atwell’s Captain Carter into play, amongst dozens of other potential heroes and villains, Wanda is in for something truly wild in the coming days.

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