James Gunn of DC Studios suggests a way the MCU may be improved.

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James Gunn, co-CEO of DC Studios, made suggestions on how the Marvel Cinematic Universe should advance in the future. On the Inside of You podcast, Gunn recently made the case that the MCU would be improved if it often changed the tonality of its flicks. The director-turned-studio boss said the DC Universe, which will premiere with Superman: Legacy in 2025, has to heed this guidance as well. “I believe that both MCU and DCU need to have a greater variety of tones than they have at the moment. I believe they do a good job, but they could improve,” he remarked. Before creating the DC Universe, Gunn, the director of the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy for Marvel Studios, has criticised superhero films for lacking a distinctive tone. He remarked, “I think that what’s happened is, people have gotten really lazy with their superhero stories,” when asked why a number of recent superhero films have been derided by both fans and reviewers. He continued by calling “middle-of-the-road” superhero films and television series that have a similar tone rather than exploring many genres in their separate universes.

Gunn then discussed the studios, producers, and creatives behind several superhero films without mentioning any particular names. “Oh, it’s a superhero, let’s make a movie about it,” they have arrived at, he added. And they don’t stop to consider, ‘Why is this narrative special?’ instead of saying, ‘Oh, let’s develop a sequel, since the first one did very well. What distinguishes this narrative from others? What is the central narrative of this?

David Zaslav, CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, addressed the decision to appoint James Gunn to lead DC Studios and noted that Gunn is a writer and filmmaker who has long cherished DC’s characters. “[Gunn] grew up his whole life with DC, his whole life with these DC characters, and he knows every one of them, they’re his family,” Zaslav remarked. I read Superman, which he recently written. Everyone wants to work with this person because he is the one we desire. As the Man of Steel, David Corenswet will appear in Superman: Legacy, which will serve as the formal debut of Gunn’s DCU. Superman: Legacy won’t be an origin narrative, according to director James Gunn, despite the movie being the start of a brand-new era for DC Studios. He said, “I think we’ve seen enough of his origin in films by this point.”

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