Kevin wright’s response to TVA rumors in Deadpool 3 and Loki’s focus

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The producer of Marvel’s Loki, Kevin Wright, recently addressed the rumors and speculation surrounding the TVA’s role in Deadpool 3 and their significance in bringing Deadpool into the MCU. While many fans have been speculating about this topic, Wright made it clear that his focus is solely on Loki and the version of the TVA presented in that series. He mentioned that the Marvel universe within Loki specifically revolves around Mobius, Agent B15, Ren Sawyer, and this particular version of Loki. While he acknowledged that there are events happening outside of their corner of the Marvel universe that may or may not connect to their story, he emphasized that if Marvel Studios decides to utilize the TVA in other projects, it won’t impact the story they are telling in Loki.

From the perspective of some fans, Wright’s response may seem like a deflection of the question by confirming the presence of the TVA in other projects without providing specific details. However, it’s important to note that producers and directors are often trained in public relations and how to provide non-answers that feel like answers. In this case, Wright skillfully provided a response that creates intrigue and speculation among fans without actually confirming anything.

Ultimately, while Wright’s response may not provide a concrete answer to the question of the TVA’s role in Deadpool 3, it does give fans an idea of how the TVA will be utilized in the upcoming season of Loki. It’s clear that the focus is on telling the story of Mobius, Agent B15, Ren Sawyer, and this version of Loki, and any potential connections to other projects will be secondary. Fans are eagerly anticipating the upcoming season of Loki to see how the story unfolds and if there are any surprises in store.

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