Marvel Confirms an Avenger Is Officially Changing Their Codename

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An Avenger that has gone by several different codenames has just chosen a new one. Monica Rambeau is one of many heroes to take on the mantle of Captain Marvel. With Carol Danvers adopting the Captain Marvel name and Kamala Khan becoming Ms. Marvel, Monica Rambeau was left to come up with her own unique moniker. She settled on the name Spectrum when she joined the Mighty Avengers since her powers are also light-based. Whether she’s Captain Marvel or Spectrum,

‘Challa left M’Baku in charge of the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda, which is holding an Intergalactic Wakanda emancipation celebration. Monica Rambeau and former Dora Milaje/Jabari Princess Asira Davin pay Wakanda’s Intergalactic Empire a visit for the celebration, and it’s here that Marvel refers to Monica as Photon. “Monica Rambeau, A.K.A. Photon, an Avenger who can turn into living energy,” a text ballon states.

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