Marvel Studios puts the brakes on in-production TV series

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According to a recent report, the Marvel Studios TV show Wonderman has been cancelled. The show had started production before the writer strike, but it fell apart a few episodes into shooting when the actors went on strike. This cancellation has been attributed to the reception of other shows that were not well-received, which Marvel Studios took into consideration before making the decision. It’s unfortunate that the actor who was supposed to play Wonderman has been let go, but it’s a common practice in the industry when a project is cancelled.

The cancellation of Wonderman raises questions about other upcoming projects, including those from directors Dustin Daniel Cretton and Ryan Coogler. With the potential for a writers’ strike looming in the near future, there is a possibility that an increased number of shows will be cancelled before they even air. One Big Three top exec has said that “a writers’ strike potentially increases the number of shows canceled before they air.” This uncertainty could have an impact on the future of Marvel Studios’ television projects.

It’s worth noting that Marvel Studios has been making significant changes to its production structure in recent years. Kevin Feige has taken on a much larger role within the company, with all film and television production and the creative aspects of publishing now falling under his purview. This restructuring has been seen as an important inflection point for the company. Marvel Studios has also had significant success with its television series, such as Loki and WandaVision, with the latter being so popular that it became one of the few Marvel series to receive a second season. While the cancellation of Wonderman is certainly a setback, it remains to be seen how it will impact the future of Marvel Studios’ television projects.

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