November 27, 2022

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Marvel’s Blade Filming Schedule Reported Delayed to 2023

Marvel’s Blade Filming Schedule Reported Delayed to 2023

After losing director Bassam Tariq, Marvel Studios’ Blade seems to have been forced to slide its production schedule to spring 2023.

The announcement that Marvel Studio’s upcoming Blade movie had lost its director suggested that the film will not be kicking off filming this November as planned. Now it seems that is correct, with The Direct hinting that the shooting schedule has been pushed back a few months to start in spring 2023. Whether this will end up impacting the movie’s release date is as yet unknown, but with Marvel’s filming and release schedules quite tight thanks to the hefty amount of special effects to be worked on, it could be possible that Mahershala Ali’s debut as the vampire hunter could be a little longer in coming than planned.

News broke last week that director Bassam Tariq had stepped away from the movie. In a statement, Tariq said, “It’s been an honor working with the wonderful folks at Marvel. We were able to put together a killer cast and crew. Eager to see where the next director takes the film.” Marvel Studios released their own statement with a similar comment, but overall it is still unclear why Tariq dropped out of the project, Regardless it means that Marvel Studios are now on the hunt for someone to fill his shoes

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