Marvel’s impact on comedy in theatres: Adam Devine’s perspective

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On Theo Von’s podcast This Past Weekend, comedian Adam Devine spoke up about his thoughts on the decline of comedy in contemporary theatres. He cited the suffocating popularity of Marvel superhero films as having changed consumer expectations and inclinations. Devine suggested that audiences’ preferences have changed as a result of the massive scope of the Marvel cinematic universe, which frequently boasts multimillion dollar budgets and epic stories. He said that audiences are more likely to spend their time and money on aesthetically stunning pictures than they are on the intricacies and nuances of smaller-scale comedy because they have become accustomed to the grandeur of superhero blockbusters. Devine jokingly bemoaned the dearth of authentic humor in many contemporary films, speculating that the prevalence of superhero films had unintentionally obscured the core of what distinguishes a conventional comedy.

Devine’s views reaffirm the opinions already voiced by renowned directors like Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola, who have questioned the aesthetic value and cinematic quality of Marvel films. Several years ago, Scorsese in particular sparked a debate when he claimed that although being well-made and entertaining, these superhero pictures lacked the emotional depth and human connection seen in more conventional filmmaking. His comparison of them to theme parks rather than to tools for communicating complex human experiences highlights a wider industry discussion regarding the development and effects of popular genres on cinematic variety. Devine’s analysis of the decreasing popularity of comedies in theatres sheds light on the complex interactions between various film genres and the evolving tastes of contemporary audiences, suggesting the delicate balance that filmmakers must strike to enthral and engage audiences in a quickly changing entertainment landscape.

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