New information about Sentry’s function in Thunderbolts in the MCU

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The role played by Sentry/Robert Reynolds in the forthcoming Thunderbolts film is described in a recent rumour. CanWeGetSomeToast claims that Sentry will be a member of Val’s Thunderbolts squad for the first two acts of the movie before “something rips him away from them.” The character, who had his print debut in 2000’s The Sentry, will wear a highly comic book-accurate suit in the film, according to the scooper. It is unknown if Sentry will continue to exist after their highly anticipated alliance with the Thunderbolts. But his inclusion will make for a compelling narrative.

Sentry/Robert Reynolds, who was created by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee, is renowned for having a fascinating past. One of the most potent characters in the Marvel Universe, he has the power of a million bursting suns. Superhuman strength, speed, endurance, flying, and energy projection are among his talents. He is frequently compared to Superman in terms of his abilities. Sentry stands apart, nevertheless, due to his complicated psychological makeup and severe dissociative identity disorder. His evil alter ego, “The Void,” which stands for his worst fears and destructive inclinations, inhabits his head. Although The Void is just as strong as Sentry, it represents the antithesis of his heroism. Sentry employs a unique serum known as the “Golden Sentry Serum,” which bestows him with his talents, to manage his mental health difficulties. Before Reynolds unearthed it, this serum had been lost to history after being created as part of the Super Soldier programme during World War II. While Sentry’s internal conflict with the Void serves as a defining feature of his character, he is also renowned for his deep bonds with other Marvel heroes.

According to rumours, Steven Yeun has been recruited by Marvel Studios to play the unstable Sentry in the next Phase 5 movie. The casting of Yeun for Thunderbolts was initially made public in late February 2023. The only information provided at the time was that his character was “significant” to Thunderbolts and would appear in upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe productions. His position at the time remained unknown. As a squad of former criminals and anti-heroes put together by CIA director Contessa Valentina Allegra De La Fontaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), Thunderbolts distinguishes out from the normal MCU movies. The de facto head of the squad is played by Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes, while David Harbour’s Red Guardian and Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova also appear. This group pursues its own interests, lacks a strong commitment to any one cause, and is more interested in completing individual tasks than in averting global catastrophe.

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