Nick Fury to overrule everyone in Secret Invasion

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Marvel Studios released the first trailer for Secret Invasion during D23 and it quickly became apparent that the Disney+ series is taking a different approach to the story it’s named after.  Whereas that was a huge comic book event pitting Earth’s Mightiest Heroes against an army of Skrulls, the TV show will focus on Nick Fury as he seemingly attempts to stop the alien shape-shifters from infiltrating Earth. A story like that is definitely exciting, of course, though we do hope Marvel Studios plans to use this concept for more than a one-and-done series.

After all, Captain Marvel barely did the epic Kree/Skrull War justice, and these stories all feel far too important to be overshadowed by everything else that’s happening in The Multiverse Saga. Regardless, we now have some new photos from the set of Secret Invasion as reshoots begin taking place in London, England. Emilia Clarke’s mystery character – who has previously been rumoured to be playing a Skrull called G’iah – appears to be in Russia, hiding out in the back of a meat truck

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