Ongoing Writers Guild of America strike causes more disruptions for Marvel studios productions.

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Marvel Studios productions are still being impacted by the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike, and two additional projects are now impacted. The highly anticipated Thunderbolts movie, which was supposed to start filming in just three weeks in Atlanta, has reportedly been put on hold by Marvel Studios. The Thunderbolts team was informed of the news today, and it is anticipated that once the strike is over, manufacturing will start up again. In addition, Marvel’s Wonder Man Disney+ television series’ development has just come to a halt when picketers forced the closure of its Los Angeles location. Production on Wonder Man is anticipated to restart after the strike is over, just as Thunderbolts.

Other Marvel projects have already been impacted by the strike’s effects. Production on the next Blade revival has already been halted due to the current labour dispute. It is important to keep in mind that Deadpool 3, which is thought to have begun filming this week, has not yet made any public announcements regarding delays. It is unclear how significantly the strike will impact Marvel Studios and its ambitious schedule of upcoming projects as it continues. A solution that will enable these much anticipated projects to proceed is eagerly anticipated by both fans and industry insiders.

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