Paul Rudd and Jonathan Majors Hug Each Other in “Ant-Man”

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Paul Rudd and Jonathan Majors, who are starring in “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania,” spoke with Rachel Lindsay about their on-screen conflict in the newest Marvel film. Paul made light of the friction and hostility between him and Jonathan that existed “in real life.” You’ve actually done a wonderful job to bring us together since they have been dividing us, he joked.

They would cut and tug us off to different sides, Jonathan continued. The two hugged it out after Paul said he wanted to start “new” Jonathan also talked openly about the hurt and feelings he had to access in order to play the evil Kang the Conqueror.

We really need to load it up, he said, and it had to be really intimate. That’s the job, after all, and something about his steadiness and peaceful demeanour fit the paradigm of this conqueror—the conqueror can’t be shifting and shaking—in a certain way. He must maintain his composure and clarity and use all measures required to succeed, yet nonetheless.

The lovely thing about Kang is that he is a human being, and what is it that motivates you to overcome anything, Majors continued? How much mental and social suffering would you have had to endure to live your life that way? How do you behave? He succeeds. He consistently only succeeds. He only wants to dominate. That’s the talk we have when we first meet. I’m keeping up with you. However, my goal in this debate is to defeat you. “Even the first thing that we ever filmed together is the first moment that you see us meet in the movie and, like, you sense it,” Paul added in response to the discussion. As I speak with him, I feel like I can actually feel how deadly this is. And the entire rhythms, everything that you said, the stillness and the strength of it all, made everything feel somewhat out of place in a really positive way that was also a lot of fun to execute.

Rudd described his emotions after viewing the film’s special effects. He said, “There are so many visual effects when you’re filming these things, it’s the oddest thing… Until we see the completed result, we cannot picture what it looks like… Sincerably, it was overpowering. Paul added, “This is wonderful,” in reference to the Kansas City Chiefs winning the Super Bowl. I’ll be tense in the audience.

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