Producer of Loki explains how Sylvie gets a job at McDonald’s

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Executive producer Kevin Wright wants viewers to know there’s a very solid reason behind Loki Season 2’s emphasis on a traditional American fast-food establishment. In an interview, Wright talked about Sylvie’s job at McDonald’s, saying that the decision to have her work there was deliberate on the part of the creative team to show where she is at psychologically and emotionally. “The novelty of walking into a 1980s McDonald’s looked appealing when we stayed in the point of view of the character, this woman who had been running through time, a fugitive of time, living in apocalypses, and never being able to relax or slow down.” Wright remarked. You participate in Little League and visit McDonald’s. You visit McDonald’s for a child’s birthday celebration. A someone like Sylvie, who has never experienced it, would be quite moved by it. McDonald’s has received a lot of attention in the Loki Season 2 advertising materials as a cornerstone of the show’s plot, despite the fact that nothing is known about the specifics of the restaurant’s part in the story. Sylvie has been seen in a number of photos wearing what appears to be a 1980s McDonald’s employee’s outfit, but nothing more is known about her. The fast food restaurant is commemorating its appearance in the programme by introducing a special sauce with a Loki theme.

The second season of Loki is anticipated to pick up right where the first one left off, with the Trickster God returning to the Time Variance Authority only to find that all of his allies had forgotten him and Kang the Conqueror having seemingly assumed an authoritarian leadership position within the group. Loki and Agent Mobius were seen travelling back in time in the Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania post-credits sequence in an effort to stop Victor Timely, one of Kang’s variations. This scenario was notably featured in the show’s initial teaser. While Season 2 is anticipated to go even further into Loki’s transformation and his emerging fear of the future, Mobius is a character who fans are hoping will also get some attention. The TVA agent will have his moment to shine, according to actor Owen Wilson, who also noted that viewers will discover more about what motivates him. “I’ve been lucky working on a million films and always having a good time, but on that one, I had a really great time and that continued on Season Two,” Wilson remarked. Perhaps more so given that we were filming in London and at Pinewood, but his narrative only becomes deeper.

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