Producers state that Beyond The Spider-Verse will be released ‘when it’s ready.’

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Producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller of Beyond the Spider-Verse have revealed that the much awaited Spider-Verse finale is really being worked on continuously. The release will happen “when it’s ready,” according to Lord and Miller. Thankfully, those discussions are out of our pay grade, but Lord said, “I can tell you we’re already hard at work on it, and we’ll take the time it takes to make it terrific. Beyond the Spider-Verse’s suspension or new release date have not been made public. A source said last month that Sony has withdrawn the Spider-Verse 2 off its 2024 release plan and that a new date will be set in the “next few days.” Miller noted that the group is attempting to exceed the already high standards for the follow-up to Across the Spider-Verse. The goal, he added, was to “take the story to places that you haven’t been before, and have it be the most satisfying conclusion to the story that it can be.” “And make you smile, laugh, cry, cheer, and think.”

According to reports, the labour problems between SAG-AFTRA and the studios caused a delay in Beyond the Spider-Verse. Given that Shameik Moore (Miles Morale) already knows the finale, the plot appears to be completely developed; but, due to the production halt, the voice actors were unable to complete their lines on time. But even if production had begun, a Behind The Spider-Verse employee claims that the movie would have always been postponed. The creation of Beyond the Spider-Verse was discussed by an animator going by the alias “Stephen,” who said, “I’ve heard people remark, ‘Oh, they probably worked on that at the same time as Into The Spider-Verse.’ The release of such film is impossible at that point. This came after rumours of Across the Spider-Verse’s terrible working conditions, which reportedly led hundreds of animators to leave the production. Many of those who stayed behind simply did so because their contributions would not otherwise be recognised. Miller subsequently said, “We won’t back into a release date that doesn’t fit,” indicating that he was willing to give Beyond the Spider-Verse extra time. Even while Bob Iger personally wants to find a solution and SAG-AFTRA continues to urge the studios to come back to the negotiating table, there is no end to the strikes in sight. Fans may be disappointed by the lack of a new release date, but Lord and Miller have stated that the crew is hard at work creating a suitable conclusion to the Spider-Verse trilogy.

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