Rosa Salazar star of Alita: Battle Angel, joins the cast of Captain America 4

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Surprise castings are uncommon since everyone is focused on the next big Marvel Studios production. Even supporting parts are significant news and frequently released by scoopers and/or lesser sites, even though the majority of lead roles are snatched by traders. By casting the members of the evil Serpent Society in full secrecy, Captain America: New World Order achieved that exceptional feat. Seth Rollins’ casting as one of the Serpents may have remained a secret until the movie’s 2023 release if it weren’t for photographer Christopher Oquendo stalking out the Brown Airport site for the picture. Although Diamondback, a Serpent Society member who was Rollins’ female counterpart in the scenario, was immediately recognised, her identity has remained a mystery up until this point.

Rosa Salazar, who starred in the films Alita: Battlestar and The Maze Runner, is the actress that joined Sonny Rollins on set as Diamondback, according to Murphy’s Multiverse. Salazar’s representatives did not react when asked about her involvement with the initiative, but we are certain that she is involved.

Although the Serpent Society’s function in the movie is unknown, they have frequently opposed Captain America in the comics. The past of Salazar’s Diamondback and Captain America is a tad murkier. Diamondback formerly dated Steve Rogers despite being a part of a criminal gang, thus her appearance in the movie may portend exciting things for Sam Wilson in the future.

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