Secret Invasion features a Super Skrull face-off that ends with Gravik’s death

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G’iah and Gravik fought in a Super Skrull brawl in the Secret Invasion series finale, which ended with the latter being slain. “Home,” the sixth and final episode of the Disney+ limited series, sees Gravik and G’iah (unbeknownst to the former) transform into new and improved Super Skrulls when the latter (dressed as Nick Fury) hands over The Harvest, a vial containing the DNA of many Avengers and extraterrestrial species. The two Super Skrulls then fight each other, displaying their new skills like as Mantis’ sleep manipulation and Hulk’s super strength. G’iah ends the fight by using her combined abilities to blast a hole through Gravik’s chest, killing him instantaneously. Gravik’s death will no doubt bring comfort to Secret Invasion fans who are still mourning the losses of Maria Hill and Talos, who were both slain by the Marvel Cinematic Universe villain in prior episodes. Hill was killed off in the Secret Invasion season premiere. Hill was shot by Gravik, dressed as Fury, while on a mission with Nick Fury and Talos to prevent a group of dissident Skrulls from detonating explosives and sparking a war between Russia and the United States. Talos was killed a few episodes later in “Beloved,” with Gravik stabbing the fan-favorite Skrull in the chest with a dagger.

At the moment, no additional plans have been announced for G’iah, who is played by Emilia Clarke. Clarke, on the other hand, seemed eager to work with Marvel again, stating in a recent interview that the series is “the best one” she has had the opportunity of joining. “It’s such a pedigree in its own right,” Clarke, who has featured in Game of Thrones and Star Wars, remarked. It exists on its own plane, apart from anything else. It’s more than simply a superhero franchise… It’s Marvel… It’s completely different.” Nick Fury will appear in The Marvels after Secret Invasion. The events of Secret Invasion, according to actor Samuel L. Jackson, “need to happen so that The Marvels can happen; all of these things are connected in an interesting sort of way.” The forthcoming MCU film will also act as a sequel to Captain Marvel, WandaVision, and Ms. Marvel, following the stories of Carol Danvers (Brie Larson), Monica Rambeau, and Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani). The Marvels is presently set to hit theatres in November, barring any delays.

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