Secret Invasion references the most iconic scene from pulp fiction

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When Samuel L. Jackson was chosen to play Nick Fury, the Marvel Cinematic Universe may safely be said to have scored a big coup. Even though the casting was done in the Ultimate Avengers book, many people would have predicted that the white Fury would be chosen in 2008. In all honesty, it paid off because Jackson brought his vivacious charisma, poignancy, and commanding presence to the part. In reality, it has aided in Jackson’s emergence as a pop cultural sensation who has dazzled in films like The Hateful Eight, Menace II Society, and Django Unchained, among many others. In a coincidental mention to the classic Pulp Fiction in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Marvel Studios honoured his friendship with filmmaker Quentin Tarantino. In Secret Invasion, the MCU intensifies its passion for Pulp Fiction with the help of a graphic interrogation scene.

Hommages to the Secret Invasion The most well-known moment from Pulp Fiction is when Fury and Talos meet Robert, a Skrull spy. He is pretending to be a member of the British Navy who authorises a terrorist attack. However, when Fury and Talos run the gamut, it reminds one of Jackson’s role as Jules, a hitman for Marsellus Wallace, in Pulp Fiction. The scene in issue took place at Vincent and Jules’ flat against people who owed Marsellus money for his shining luggage. Jules ran point and gently questioned the boys before getting angry and startling Brett. Jules goes through a spectrum of emotions throughout this very quotable scene, shouting and shooting Brett in the knee to punish him. They eventually succeeded in obtaining the luggage, only for Jules to kill everyone before escaping with his companion.

Fury becomes impatient and presses Robert for further information as Secret Invasion leans into this. He makes fun of him, just like Jules, and then shoots his knee with a bullet. Jules’ decision to shoot one of the males dead on the sofa before shooting Brett in the shoulder served as further evidence that, despite his seeming calm, Jules is actually a monster. Talos is attempting to contain Fury as he imitates that technique. Talos doesn’t comply as much as Vincent does, yet despite this, there is still a feeling of camaraderie between the two characters in Secret Invasion.

Zachary, Robert’s kid, is nearby, making the situation worse and demonstrating Fury and Talos’ willingness to go to any lengths. They are therefore as ice-cold as Jules and Vincent at that time. It completes what Fury began in The Winter Soldier when he pretended to die in order to escape Hydra’s control. The phrase “The path of the righteous man…,” from Jackson’s speech in Pulp Fiction, was written on his headstone and was taken from the Bible text Ezekiel 25:17. However, Tarantino really came up with the statement; it was not in Ezekiel. It seems like the MCU merely wanted another opportunity to remind fans of Jackson’s most well-known character, especially because Fury gets a new tombstone in this TV series after being brought back to life and then taken away by Thanos. Fury has definitely toned it down in order to combat Gravik and the other Skrulls. He and Talos do, however, resemble the shooters from Pulp Fiction, but with a more noble goal in mind than merely getting something for their master. In Secret Invasion, the characters are like the Tarantino characters in that they have to rescue the planet and will do whatever it takes, even if it’s a little evil.

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