Secret Invasion suggested that the Skrulls may have already infiltrated the Avengers

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It’s safe to say that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is slowly coming to a boil as Secret Invasion continues. Nick Fury, played by Samuel L. Jackson, is gradually realising that his plan to provide certain Skrulls asylum has failed. He had no idea that fanatics would infiltrate the planet covertly with the intention of claiming power and seizing control. Fury, it must be said, bears some of the guilt because he took advantage of their skills to form his own espionage task team. Some were incensed, which gave Gravik the idea to take control of the council. While many would presume that Fury can use The Avengers to aid combat this danger, a significant hint indicates that Gravik already has a contact among Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

When the evil Gravik meets the elite Skrulls, it is teased. They talk about politics and why attacking Moscow and inciting an American power struggle is bad for business. But he makes it plain that he’s going to guide his species’ progress. A composed and certain Gravik replies that any potential backlash from The Avengers has already been addressed. Given that even Thanos was afraid of The Avengers, this assertion is shocking. Gravik, however, gives the impression that he has a backup plan and suggests that he has a plant inside the hero camp. And if that’s the case, it’s not good news for the planet’s future.

Now, a surprising number of double agents were revealed in the Secret Invasion comics. Deep within The Avengers, Elektra and other characters were Skrulls. Reed Richards and Hank Pym were notable ones who aided the Skrulls in hastening the execution of their plot. It strengthened how aggressive they had been even before to the Civil War. This TV show, which started as a standalone tale, now channels that same spirit. Given that the Skrulls are in charge of NATO and the British government, it seems sense that they would want to exert authority within The Avengers as well. In this manner, Gravik might gather knowledge about the powerhouse unit and disseminate false information about it. Watching how The Avengers fended off enemies like the Chitauri and Thanos’ army would highlight how intelligent he is and how he has become since arriving on Earth in 1997.

James Rhodes, alias War Machine, certainly seems like a candidate for becoming a spy. Fury is astounded when he claims to have had knowledge of the Skrulls in the past. Rhodey, though, was largely idle and didn’t encourage the US administration to take genuine action. He is obviously acting in a questionable manner given that he pushed for the Sokovia Accords to split The Avengers and that he is now firing Fury. Giving the aliens control of a strong force with lethal weapons in one fell swoop would be a potent deviation from the comics. Finally, it would demonstrate that Marvel Studios is skilled at adjusting the story for the big screen, making Gravik’s movement something that not even The Avengers could anticipate.

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