Significant turning point: The impact of Foggy Nelson and Karen Page’s deaths on Daredevil

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In the first three episodes of “Born Again,” the fourth season of Daredevil, Alex Perez implies that the death of Foggy Nelson and Karen Page is the reason behind Matt Murdock’s decision to stop fighting in his Daredevil suit. This revelation is a significant turning point in the story and sets the tone for the rest of the season. It shows the emotional turmoil that Matt is going through and how he is struggling to come to terms with the loss of his two closest friends.

The death of Foggy and Karen is not just a plot point in “Born Again,” but it also highlights the importance of supporting characters in any story. Foggy and Karen were instrumental in Matt’s journey as Daredevil, and their loss is felt deeply by the audience. Their deaths also show the consequences of Matt’s actions and how they can have a ripple effect on those around him. This reinforces the idea that every action has a consequence, and we must be mindful of our decisions and how they impact others.

Furthermore, the death of Foggy and Karen also highlights the theme of redemption and how it can be a difficult and painful process. Matt’s decision to stop fighting in his Daredevil suit is not just a physical one but also an emotional one. He is grappling with guilt and regret over his past actions and how they may have contributed to the deaths of his friends. This theme of redemption is a common thread throughout the Daredevil series, and it adds to the complexity of the character and the story. It also reminds us that we can always strive for redemption, no matter how difficult the journey may be

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