Spider-Man from Tom Holland’s 2023 film is rumoured to make a live-action comeback

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An intriguing new character from the Spider-Verse will be waiting for Tom Holland when he makes his Spider-Man comeback, according to a recent rumour. Viewers like Holland’s portrayal of the venerable web-slinger. Regrettably, nobody is certain of his exact return date as the role. It was reported that the actor has signed a contract with Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures in November 2022 to star in a new trilogy of Spider-Man movies, with more appearances as the hero expected. He’ll make at least one stop before that new trio of movies hits theatres, even if writing on his fourth solo picture has barely begun.

Is Tom Holland Going to Return Soon?

Industry insider Jeff Sneider claims that Tom Holland may be making his Spider-Man comeback much sooner than most people would have thought. According to the insider, one of the factors contributing to the movie’s delay last year “was about getting Tom Holland in the movie:”

I’d heard that one of the reasons [Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse] was delayed was to cast Tom Holland, and that one of the universes Miles would wind up seeing is a live-action dimension with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

Assuming it would be “an animated Miles in a live-action universe,” Sneider continued.

“I guess it’s just going to be an animated Miles in a live-action world,” the reader speculates.

Due to Marvel Studios’ lack of confirmation, this information should only be taken as a rumour.

Spider-Man the Animated Confronts Holland’s Live-Action Hero

Tom Holland may appear in one of Sony Studios’ next animated movies, according to The Cosmic Circus, which broke the news first in late last year. The publication stated in further detail that the actor’s MCU Spider-Man will be making an appearance. They weren’t sure if Holland would truly be providing the character’s voice, though. Clearly, the situation has changed dramatically if they now want to employ Holland in a live-action cameo. Audiences would almost likely lose it if Sony can have a live-action Spidey interact with an animated version of the character in other media. The movie may have an audience response comparable to that of Avengers: Endgame or No Way Home if you consider that both of these portrayals of the hero are very well-liked. Can everyone engaged, though, truly make it happen? Anything is feasible considering that they managed to simultaneously show three Spider-Man iterations on screen.

On June 2, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse swings into cinemas.

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