Spider-Man India gets a taste of Venom through Spider-Verse fan art

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Pavitr Prabhakar/Spider-Man India is shown with a symbiote costume in fan art for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. Artist Arkin Tyagi shared the picture of Pavitr on Instagram. It shows him dressed in a black and white version of his outfit, with black webs visible to accompany him. The design has a distinctly ninja-like vibe. The post also included a video showcasing Tyagi’s progress sketching the piece, as well as enlarged copies of certain elements of the image that showcase additional detail for Pavitr’s new duds, such as what appear to be tiny lightning bolts radiating from particular white portions of it.

PINK SUIT SPIDER-MAN Symbol According to Tyagi’s description, “India, I’ve always wanted to see what Pavitr would look like with the Venom symbiote that was originally introduced in his 2004 comic series.” This is what I drew since I wanted to depict the Venom symbiote clothing from the movie. SLIP RIGHT FOR ADVANCE. Expanding on the subject of Spider-Man India, co-director Kemp Powers mentioned how the Across the Spider-Verse production crew brought Pavitr’s house, Mumbattan, back to life. “We really kind of drilled down on Indrajal comic books, which are a comic book company that were unique to India,” said Powers. “I recall that at one point, we were really beginning to nail the moment. Our Indian animators sent us an email explaining how we were a little off. That was seen by us as a challenge. “We invited in a collective of Indian and Indian-American writers,” he stated. “After that, we went back and completely redrew the scene.” You must be receptive to truly excellent ideas from any member of our enormous production team, and you must support the superior concept with the same fervour you would if it originated from your own brain.”

Regarding the Spider-Verse franchise specifically, composer Daniel Pemberton said, “Don’t talk about it,” explaining why there aren’t many specifics regarding Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse. Everyone in this movie has an agreement of sorts: while we’re all still recuperating from the second movie, nobody will discuss the next one.” Actor Karan Soni, who plays Spider-Man in India, also voiced his concerns on Beyond the Spider-Verse, saying that he is worried about the creative team and what they would accomplish. Soni asserted that the plot of Beyond the Spider-Verse is only known to actor Shameik Moore, who plays Miles Morales.

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