Spoiler Leaked Synopsis Story Plot of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of madness

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Someone who have watched the movie has written the entire synopsis, story and plot of Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness on a forum which got leaked through out the internet.

Here is the story, Spoiler alert – please don’t read further…

Movie opens with Defender Strange (a variant) and America Chavez running away from a demon in a destroyed purple universe. Strange says that they can’t let the demon steal her powers. They are trying to get to a platform with a floating book (which is later revealed to be the Book of Vishanti) but the demon stabs Strange. He tries to stop it with a spell but the demon is too powerful. Strange then tries to steal America’s powers saying it’s the only way to save the multiverse because she doesn’t know how to use it. But before he steals it, he is fatally stabbed through the chest and falls down. America is captured but a star shaped portal opens behind her. She can open multiversal portals when she feels strong emotions. Before dying, Strange frees America and they both go through the portal. Strange then wakes up in his bed thinking it was all a dream. This is the MCU variant that we know.

He fixes his broken watch that was given from Christine, then he gets dressed and goes to her wedding. One of the doctors from the first movie is the only person that greets him and they talk about the blip, and how it affected their lives. Christine starts walking down the aisle and Strange watches with regret. After this, Strange and Christine talk at the wedding bar. He apologizes for treating her wrong and that he only wants her to be happy, which she says she is and Strange lies that he is too.

Then they start hearing noises and screams on the street and Strange jumps off the balcony, changing into his sorcerer suit. Strange uses a spell to reveal an invisible octopus creature (Gargantos) destroying the street. He then saves Chavez and they start fighting the creature. Wong also joins the fight. We also see a POV of Gargantos during the fight. They end up killing the creature by stabbing it with a lamp post.

America doesn’t trust Strange because of what Defender Strange tried to do to her but Strange and Wong have questions, so they sit down at a pizza place and she explains that the creature wanted to steal her power to travel through the multiverse, but they request proof. They also mention Spider-Man in this scene with Strange asking if there are other heroes in her world like Spider-Man and she asks if he’s more spider than man, they say no one knows what he looks like. She takes them to the body of Defender Strange on an alley and they realize that she was telling the truth and they need to protect her at the Kamar-Taj. She also says that Defender Strange and her were after the Book of Vishanti, which makes Strange and Wong realize that these demons were summoned by witchcraft, not magic, and Strange says that he knows someone that can help.

We then see Wanda playing with her kids and everyone is happy. You can hear the Wandavision theme jingle in the background but then Wanda wakes up alone in her bedroom. Then we see Strange arriving at Wanda’s farm and they talk about the multiverse. At first, Wanda thinks he’s there because of what she did in Westview. Strange talks about America and asks for her help at the Kamar-Taj. She says that she left her magic behind, but Strange says that he needs an Avenger. Strange notices something is wrong and starts asking questions to Wanda. Wanda notices he is aware of her illusion and reveals what the real farm looks like. Trees with no leaves, crows and red lighting due to the protection runes she put around the farm. Strange tries to use magic but she explains that her runes make it impossible for him to cast spells. She threatens to kill everyone at the Kamar-Taj if they don’t give America to her.

Strange goes to the Kamar-Taj and warns about Wanda. We are introduced to Rintrah, the minotaur. But before they can prepare, they feel a strong wind blowing towards their direction with candles being blown out. Then they see a huge smoke cloud arriving. The sorcerers cast a spell to blow the smoke away, revealing that Wanda is at the center of it. Strange flies in the air and says she doesn’t have to do it. Wanda says she needs America to get to her kids and Strange says it was all a fantasy. This makes Wanda more pissed and she strikes him, making him fall down. Wanda then starts attacking and killing everyone. Wong and Strange run to America to protect her, but it doesn’t take long until Wanda catches up with them. They fight her and try to trap her in the mirror dimension, but her magic is stronger and she breaks the mirror dimension, which also makes the place blow up. Strange’s cape protects him and it gets on fire. The explosion makes America feel scared and she opens a portal behind her, but Wanda starts stealing her power before she gets in. Strange runs towards America and jumps in the portal with her, escaping Wanda.

They quickly go through many different universes until they arrive at an utopic one. Strange and Chavez go towards the Sanctum Sanctorum. On their way, they pass by a street vendor selling pizza balls, it’s a cameo by Bruce Campbell. They get to the Sanctum and there is a statue of the Strange from this universe, he sacrificed himself to kill Thanos. Strange and Chavez enter the Sanctum and they learn that Mordo is now the Sorcerer Supreme of this universe. They talk and Mordo gives tea to them. Strange tells him he’s from another universe and Mordo says that this is forbidden. Strange and Chavez realize the tea was poisoned and they pass out.

They wake up imprisoned at the Illuminati settlement. We see that the Christine Palmer of this universe works there and she fixes the burnt hole on Strange’s cape with a blue patch. Mordo arrives shortly after and says the Illuminati will hear and judge him. Androids take him to a tribunal room where the Illuminati sit down and are ready to start his trial. The Illuminati members are Professor Xavier, Captain Carter, Captain Marvel (Maria), Mr Fantastic (John Krasinski), Black Bolt (Anson Mount), and Mordo. Strange says that they were escaping from Wanda but they will only believe him after his innocence is proven. Xavier says that they’ll see what kind of Doctor Strange he is and they start to see Strange’s past with illusions around the room. They see Strange handing the time stone to Thanos which makes him look bad. He tries to explain why he did it but Carter is not happy that he allowed the blip to happen, saying this had a bigger impact than if he just sacrificed himself, and that it was not the only way. They show him how their Strange sacrificed himself to defeat Thanos, and they call Strange selfish.

Back in the MCU universe, Wanda has Wong chained with her magic and she has the Darkhold. She says that she can’t go to the same universe they went to, but she can astral project her mind to possess the Wanda from that reality. She does it and seeing her kids again makes her more determined to bring them back to her reality. She just leaves them and flies to the Illuminati foundation. Back at the tribunal room, the Illuminati are debating if they should kill him or let him go back to his universe, but before they decide, they start hearing an alarm and Strange says that it’s her. Wanda shows up covered in oil with a robot’s head. She sees America Chavez and is ready to get to her, but she is stopped by the Illuminati. They all fight Wanda but she is too strong and either kills or incapacitates all of them. While this is happening, Mordo stayed at the tribunal room to watch over Strange, but he just wants to kill him, so they start fighting. Xavier gets to Wanda and goes inside her head. He tries to cure her from the corruption of the Darkhold. Palmer opens Chavez’s cell while this is happening and they run away. Strange is able to incapacitate Mordo and he meets with Palmer and America. Wanda kicks Xavier out of her mind and snaps his neck.

Palmer brings them to an underground tunnel and Wanda chases them, blowing everything on her way. Strange casts a spell to buy them time and they get to a bunker door that Palmer reveals is where they can travel between universes. Strange tries using the eye of Agamotto but it doesn’t work, so Palmer uses her bracelet and they open a door to the place at the beginning of the movie with the Book of Vishanti. Strange says they can try to use it against Wanda. They are able to get the book but before they are able to escape through America’s portal, Wanda grabs her and pushes Strange and Palmer into the portal.

Strange is now in a universe that is being destroyed. Cars are floating, buildings breaking, etc. The only place left is the Sanctum so Strange goes in. He tells Palmer to stay until he clears the place out. He meets with another variant of himself. While this happens, America escapes Wanda and goes back to the Kamar-Taj in the MCU, but she is met with Wanda holding every sorcerer that were left alive hostage. Chavez is about to sacrifice herself but a sorcerer is able to free herself and destroys the Darkhold. This makes Wanda mad, and she burns the sorcerer alive (this is the most brutal death of the movie). She threatens Wong saying she will kill everyone on the planet if he doesn’t tell her where she can find another book like the Darkhold. Wong says that there is a place called Wundagore Mountain that has a castle where the Darkhold originated. He says that this is the only place where a second Darkhold could be found if it exists. She makes Wong open a portal to the mountain and they get to the castle with America. Wanda mind controls Wong to keep watch on Chavez as they explore the castle. She sees a Scarlet Witch drawing engraved in one of the walls with a book in front of it on top of an altar. It talks about the Scarlet Witch and it mentions Chthon. There are also two demonic guardians at the castle that follow Wanda’s orders.

Meanwhile, Strange talks with his evil self that reveals how he used dark magic to defeat Thanos but this only corrupted himself and his world until things got out of hand, revealing a third eye on his forehead. That’s the reason his world is destroyed. They end up fighting because Sinister Strange doesn’t agree that there should exist another Strange living happily in another universe. They use musical notes from a piano music sheet for their attacks until our Strange creates an energy ball with all the notes and throws it at Sinister Strange, which launches Sinister Strange out of the window, impaling him on a fence. Palmer rushes upstairs after hearing all the noise and sees Strange is fine. He says they need to find a way back to his universe quickly. Palmer asks how Wanda was able to go to her universe and Strange says that she possessed another Wanda. This gives him the idea to possess the Defender Strange body back at the MCU. He starts reading the Vishanti book and finds a way to possess it, but the only way is with dark magic, which he is hesitant at first but then realize it’s the only way. So he starts the spell with a bunch of candles. The flame of the candles turn into red balls which are meant to be different universes. He scours through each circle until he finds the MCU and he finishes the spell.

We then cut to the Kamar-Taj, where Rintrah is giving a speech about Wong to the remaining survivors. Suddenly the body of Defender Strange gets up and everyone gets scared. Strange reveals that it’s him and asks where Wong and Wanda are at, and they say Wundagore Mountain. He opens a portal and leaves. Now at the top of the ice mountain, he doesn’t have his cape so he can’t fly to the castle. He uses dark magic again and brings demonic creatures to him, which curl around him and give him a cape made of hands. Back at the castle, the guardians start roaring and Wanda looks back, seeing Strange arriving. They start fighting. Strange sends the demons towards Wanda and she actually has some trouble with it for a while. During the fight, Chavez punches a portal towards Wong and it makes him fall off the mountain. This wakes him up and frees him from Wanda. He manages to save himself. Wanda defeats Strange but he inspires Chavez, which makes her get full control over her powers. She punches Wanda in and out of universes but Wanda is able to stop her and ends up stealing her powers, leaving America unconscious.

Wanda now has the power to travel through the multiverse and gets to a universe where another Wanda has her kids. Our Wanda fights the other Wanda and wins, but her kids see her almost killing their mother. They are crying and scared to come near her. Wanda starts crying and the other Wanda comforts her, saying she must have suffered to get to this state. She says she understands her and would also do unimaginable things if something ever happened to her kids, but also says that what she’s doing is wrong. Our Wanda understands and stops being corrupted by the dark magic. She goes back to Chavez’s unconscious body and gives her power back, waking America up. Wanda is now guilty of everything she’s done, so she decides to bring the castle down, so no one can be manipulated by the evils of it again. She destroys the castle with herself inside, and we see her in the rubble after. She will probably live, but it is left ambiguous.

Chavez opens a portal to the universe where Palmer and Strange are at and they get to the MCU. Strange praises Wong for everything he’s been through and still keeping his will to protect the Kamar-Taj. Chavez now fully trusts Wong and Strange, and wants to become their apprentice. Chavez opens a portal to Palmer’s universe and they all say goodbye. It is emotional for Strange since it had been a while since he’s been with Palmer like this.

Back in NYC, America is now living at the Sanctum with Strange and Wong. Strange decides to take a walk outside. During his walk, he starts feeling pain and falls down in the middle of the street. Suddenly a third eye opens on his forehead and the movie ends.

Mid-Credit scene is Strange at the Sanctum still getting corrupted by the dark magic but then Clea (Charlize Theron) appears and asks for help to save reality from someone very powerful.

Post-Credit scene shows Bruce Campbell’s character at the Illuminati universe making jokes about his pizza balls. Nothing important, just a funny scene.

Marvel Studios’ “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”—a thrilling ride through the Multiverse with Doctor Strange, his trusted friend Wong and Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch. “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” opens in U.S. theaters on May 6, 2022.

Director : Sam Raimi

Cast : Benedict Cumberbatch, Elizabeth Olsen, Benedict Wong, Rachel McAdams, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Xochitl Gomez

Release Date : May 6, 2022

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