SS Rajamouli’s complaint towards Marvel movies

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SS Rajamouli, one of the best director and the writer of south movies, who gave us movies like Bahubali 1 & 2 and recent movie RRR, He himself creates magic on the screen.

According to him, crafting powerful imagery is a two-step process. The first part is passive, but imaginative, and it begins with the way he absorbs the world around him. His RRR even won an Oscar Award for Natu song. Jr NTR and Ram Charan have expressed their desire to work in Marvel movies.

Now Rajamouli shows his concern on marvel movies. He has one complaint Against Marvel movies. He said that ‘Sometimes you lose a semblance of who is fighting whom’.

When some reporters asked him about his opinion on Marvel movies, he praised the “extraordinary action set pieces,” he did have one complaint. The Baahubali director said that he finds the “editing in these sequences is too fast.” He added, “That kind of pace doesn’t allow me to fully immerse myself in each shot and enjoy them completely. Sometimes you lose a semblance of who is fighting whom, who is hitting whom, and what happened. The action scenes are otherwise great, except for that one small complaint.”

Rajamouli did not specify which film or action sequence he was speaking about when he spoke about his “complaint” against them. But in continuation Rajamouli says that he enjoys watching Marvel movies.

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