Tensions rise: Sony and Marvel Studios battle for MCU character rights

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The production of Spiderman films in the MCU has been a source of contention between Marvel Studios and Sony for quite some time. One of the latest disagreements is related to Craven, who is getting his own standalone film next year. This issue goes all the way back to Spiderman 2, also known as Spiderman Far From Home and Spiderman No Way Home in the MCU. Marvel Studios wanted to use Craven, but Sony barred them from doing so, stating that they can only use the character after he is introduced in a standalone film. This has caused problems for the production of Spiderman films in the MCU and has resulted in missed opportunities for Craven’s inclusion in previous films.

Sony’s strategy in this situation is to have Marvel Studios and Disney let them cast the character, make the film, and do all the work. Then, they will try to make it look like it’s in the MCU. This tactic was evident with Morbius when they included Michael Keaton as Vulture to create a pseudo MCU connection. However, this strategy may end up hurting Sony more in the long run. If Craven’s standalone film fails to impress audiences, Marvel Studios may have no interest in using the character in future films. It’s a strange situation that highlights the complex relationship between the different studios involved in the production of Spiderman films in the MCU.

Despite Sony and Marvel Studios’ complicated relationship, there have been several pitches for Craven, including ones by John Watts. However, Sony’s insistence on the character being established in a standalone film before being used in the MCU has caused issues for Marvel Studios. This has resulted in missed opportunities for Craven’s inclusion in previous Spiderman films and may continue to cause problems in the future. It remains to be seen how this disagreement between Sony and Marvel Studios will be resolved and whether or not it will have any impact on the quality of future Spiderman films in the MCU.

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