The first adult-rated Marvel show is Echo

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The first official trailer for Marvel Studios’ Echo, which is the first mature-rated film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, finally drops, showcasing intense violence and fast-paced action. The first trailer for Echo is finally available after months of setbacks and delays. It reintroduces viewers to Alaqua Cox’s deaf antihero and secondary antagonist from the Hawkeye series, Maya Lopez, as she battles a criminal underworld and runs into well-known characters like the Kingpin and even Daredevil. However, unlike any other MCU show to date, Echo features a number of graphic violence and blood scenes, mostly as a result of Wilson Fisk/the Kingpin’s deeds, earning the programme Marvel Studios’ first-ever TV-MA rating. Director Sydney Freeland explained that this is because the show’s protagonist is not by nature a good person. On January 10 of next year, the complete series will debut on Disney+ and Hulu. This comes amid a major reorganisation of Marvel’s television production calendar, which is expected to result in TV output that resembles serialised network releases. mostly in reaction to declining viewership and revenue for several of its programmes, as well as internal strife over Daredevil: With Echo marking the start of a new era for Marvel television, Born Again, Marvel Studios is prepared to push its television production in a whole new direction.

In addition to Charlie Cox’s confirmed return as Matt Murdock/Daredevil in Echo, fans were eager to draw comparisons between the 2016 Daredevil Netflix series and Echo, pointing to several visual references and darker, more violent themes. Even though they aren’t part of the MCU canon, Daredevil and most of the Marvel TV series on Netflix, including Jessica Jones and The Punisher, received TV-MA ratings for their graphic violent depictions—something Disney hasn’t done with its characters up to this point. Echo is not the first Marvel Studios series to debut on a platform other than Disney+—Ms. Marvel debuted on network TV earlier this year—but it will be the first to do so concurrently on Hulu, with each episode debuting on the same day on both platforms. As they prepare for further releases, Disney is actively moving to acquire a controlling stake in Hulu as well, giving them complete control over the streaming service.

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