The Guardians of the Galaxy 3 star reveals a unique connection to Disney+

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As Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 fans get ready for it, one of the film’s cast explained how it connects to The Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special on Disney+.

Before the group’s comeback in their own standalone sequel, The Guardians’ Holiday Special served as an original link between their final experiences in Avengers: Endgame and Thor: Love and Thunder. This even includes a few significant plot twists for the intergalactic band of misfits, enhancing their position as major cosmic players.

One of these disclosures was the affirmation of the half-sibling relationship between Star-Lord and Mantis, which has been speculated ever since their initial appearance together in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in 2017. This relationship had only ever been hinted at in deleted scenes from the 2017 sequel, but it ended up becoming a crucial subplot on Disney+ to wrap out Phase 4.

Mantis Star’s Links to Guardians 3 on Disney+

Pom Klementieff spoke on how Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 relates to The Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special in the Spring 2023 issue of Disney Twenty Three Magazine. When asked how Mantis and Peter Quill’s relationship alters now that their relationship as half-siblings and half-brothers has been established, Klementieff joyfully remarked on how their friendship is stronger than ever:

“Of course, this strengthens their relationship. Additionally, it raises the stakes. It will be even more difficult if something were to happen to one of them.”

Reminiscing on how she and the actors made each scene in Guardians 3 extra memorable because it may have been their final time working together as a team, she said:

“It was a lengthy shoot, but it was so lovely. I recall that every time we shot a scene, we would say, “Oh, this might be the last time we shoot this together!” Every scene became extremely special and emotional as a result. Even though the scene was humorous, it was grounded in the notion that it was the conclusion of a chapter. Therefore, it was truly unique.

The film is “the pinnacle of everything we love,” executive producer Sara Smith added, reflecting on how viewers have grown up with the Guardians for almost ten years:

“I believe that the Guardians have helped us mature significantly. They have struggled, changed, fallen in love, become heroes, failed, and made both good and bad decisions. All of that culminating in this movie, where we finally get to see them each find their own voice. Everything we adore about the Guardians—family, adventure, love, loss, and discovering one’s place in the universe—is really brought together in this story.

Sean Gunn, a star of the Guardians movies, also spoke with the publication and discussed how Kraglin will find himself becoming closer to the group as a result of Yondu’s passing. He remarked how this team is “a location where people may find a family” that they didn’t have previously:

“When Yondu died, Kraglin felt as adrift as Quill did – or maybe even in some ways more so, without a family. Furthermore, we haven’t really explored it yet. The Guardians’ reputation as a place where those without families can find them, in my opinion, plays a significant role in Kraglin’s tale.”

You’ll have to see the movie to find out, Gunn slyly said when asked if this indicates Kraglin now views himself as a real Guardian.

Because Star-Lord and Mantis are brothers, the link to the Holiday Special’s revelation will further heighten the emotion as this is the final chapter for the present edition of the Guardians. With so many other tale aspects already established, it’s unclear how much of this information will be incorporated into the plot. Yet, the fact that fans are aware of the link will only increase their interest in what transpires. The Holiday Special is required watching in order to catch up on what’s coming in Guardians 3, making this the first time the MCU has migrated from cinemas to Disney+ back to theatres. The familial elements that will be present in this new sequel will also be reinforced by the introduction of Star-Lord and Mantis, especially in light of the widespread expectation that not everyone on the crew will survive.

On May 5, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will hit cinemas.

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