The Marvels: a new teaser trailer shows Captain Marvel and Dar-Benn fighting

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The Marvels’ latest teaser trailer features a fight between Captain Marvel and Dar-Benn. Nick Fury may be heard stating, “Captain Marvel,” as the trailer opens. To preserve the earth, you are essential.” After that, Dar-Benn hears Carol Danvers say, “You’re forgetting something.” When footage of the two foes and Monica Rambeau/Photon battling appears, Dar-Benn responds, “I’m invincible,” to which the Woman Warrior responds, “My powers only make Dar-Benn stronger.” He then slams Captain Marvel into a wall. After that, Fury makes an appearance on television and says, “That’s not good news.” When the scene is almost over, Dar-Benn declares, “This is the start of a new beginning,” while Photon cries and Captain Marvel tosses something at a spaceship, causing it to explode.

The Marvels teaser from earlier revealed Dar-Benn’s plot, which Carol mentioned in that teaser is directed at everyone and everything that Carol loves. “We were inspired by the comic book period of two emperors,” director Nia DaCosta said when talking about how Dar-Benn differs from the comics. “There was some more of that story in the first versions of the script,” she said. But more of that was revealed as we seized control, carved out our own territory, and established the nature of this tale. But she is comparable in that she is an energetic Kree imperialist. Regarding Captain Marvel, the book MCU: The Reign of Marvel stated that with the release of the 2019 film Captain Marvel, actress Brie Larson “grew disillusioned” with her role as Carol. In an interview, MCU writer Joanna Robinson said that Brie Larson was given a big role in the MCU by Marvel Studios. I’m not sure if Brie Larson was the ideal choice for the part. However, Brie Larson has decided she no longer wants to play Carol Danvers in light of the negative response. Regarding The Marvels themselves, producer Mary Livanos discussed how the film is comparable to Disney+’s Hawkeye, stating that there is “a bit” of a relationship between Kate Bishop, Clint Barton, Captain Marvel, and Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel. When it comes to hero worship, we are all susceptible to falling into the same trappings, Livanos continued. You believe that heroes are able to solve any issue. However, we really look at how sometimes choices you make to improve things may really make them worse and have an uncontrollable cascade effect in this film.”

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